the county which we live in

This is actually a really cool website for the county Sean and I live in. At least, we’ll live in this county for another month. After that, we’ll at least still work and do stuff in this county. One of the cooler things that you can find on this website is aerial photos of the entire county. You can even type in an address and it will give you a close up view of that specific lot. Other than that, the site gives good general information about the county and its inner workings.

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  1. As soon as I have 1) an internet connection that doesn’t suck and 2) Putty on one machine at the same time, there are several major changes that will be done to the stylesheet as well as the site. Until then, that should make the links easier to see.

  2. Jeff: This is one of the freely-available WP styles out there. I’m hopeful in helping Sean and Kat come up with something in August … I think photos of the house might be appropriate. 😉

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