new coat of paint

Dear Dumb-Ass,

When carrying paint in the back of your truck, please make sure it is secure. If it does spill, please make an attempt to clean it up off the road, rather than leave it for a car to run-through and get all over an already perfectly good coat of paint.

My husband and I spent yesterday evening outside, next to my car, trying to scrape dried paint off my car with our fingernails and a clay bar. Not fun. Certainly not the way I had anticipated spending my evening. We will also be spending this evening, continuing the effort of scraping paint off my car while trying to not scrape the original coat of paint off.

Next time, please attempt to be less of a dumb-ass for the general good of the public.

aka. Owner of a now green and white Miata.

july fourth

Aimee D. is coming this weekend! I swear this chik has got the best friends to have around. An old friend of hers works for America West and offered her a buddy pass to fly out to Phoenix this weekend to visit with him. Added bonus, we get to see her, too! Saturday, Sean and I are headed to a grill-out with some of my coworkers. Sunday, though, it’ll be time to hit the Tempe area and enjoy walking around Mill Avenue and then watching the fireworks over Tempe Town Lake.

New Pictures to Report Captain

Kat and I went back out to the house today to see if any more progress has been made. Looks like we have our moldings in, and most of the light fixtures, and the grading of the land around the house. On the list of things to get done as far as I can tell is Water Heater, Landscaping, Flooring, Counters, Appliances, Final Paint, Faucets, and some other general things.I know, here is what you really want: Pictures

Also a few weeks ago I went out to my first autocrossing of the season, I took some pictures of the cars before my battery ran out, those who play Grand Turismo might recognize some of them.
Pictures again



Sean and I witnessed our first dust storm last night. Dust storms are a common occurrence in the desert during monsoon season. It’s not quite monsoon season (that season usually starts around middle of July), but we still got a dust storm last night. Sean and I were driving back from getting our insurance transferred into the state of Arizona when Sean pointed to the eastern horizon. We both were puzzled at first. It looked like smoke was covering everything. Then, when we got closer, we realized it wasn’t smoke, but light colored dust. We were in our first dust storm. Even the sunset was altered by the dust. It gave the sun a surreal glow. The storm was actually quite cool. Next time, I’ll have to make sure I have a camera on me because it really is a very neat experience.

This storm, though, did not bring rain after it. The rain must have falled elsewhere and stopped before it reached Phoenix. Oh well. Monsoon season’s still a month away.

the county which we live in

This is actually a really cool website for the county Sean and I live in. At least, we’ll live in this county for another month. After that, we’ll at least still work and do stuff in this county. One of the cooler things that you can find on this website is aerial photos of the entire county. You can even type in an address and it will give you a close up view of that specific lot. Other than that, the site gives good general information about the county and its inner workings.