last day

It’s my last day at work today. My office looks very barren. I’m one of those people whose office looks like a little piece of home. I brought in lots of pictures and plants, etc, to make it as comfortable as possible. Now, I’ve just been trying to get it home over the last week. All I have left are a couple more pictures, my calendar, speakers and my wireless keyboard and mouse.

After 3pm today, I will no longer be employed by this company. I’m a little nostalgic, but I know I’m making the right decision in leaving here.

On a slightly brighter note, Sean’s already found a job out in Phoenix that he’s really happy with. He starts today as an interior landscaper. I always knew that horticulture knowledge would pay off. Also, he scored us tickets to see Paul Oakenfold at Club Freedom in Phoenix on Sunday. Score! I’m completely psyched about that. I can so get used to getting to see concerts in the same town that I live in.

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3 thoughts on “last day

  1. Sean: badass, dude. [Yes, I owe you a phone call.]

    Kat: I know that leaving is weird, but it is good for you. [Sorry that I missed y’all last night–I had a migraine (still have it, really). 🙁 ]

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