Passing the Time

It’s time for a little audience participation. Last Tuesday, I handed in my two weeks notice. I then, thankfully, went on vacation for the rest of the week. I’m now back and have been sitting on my butt for the past two days because my manager is uninterested in tasking me with anything that might not get finished.

So, here’s the audience participation. I need ideas of things that I can do whilst wiling away my last hours in my office. Ideas? Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Passing the Time

  1. Well, let’s see …

    Buy a pink flamingo, some garden gnomes & a piece of astroturf to decorate your cube (or turn it into a par 2 putting green, using the old coffeemaker as a water hazzard).

    Send a company-wide e-mail announcing you’ve been bought by Microsoft (I did that a few years ago on April 1st, which created the policy that employees cannot use the company-wide e-mail alias for personal messages).

  2. Now might be a good time to clean the “managers” etch-a-sket… um I mean desktop off. Take a screen shot of the desktop; move all desktop icons to a folder (not on the desktop); flatten the taskbar; make the screen shot his desktop wallpaper. When he asks show him how to reset his computer by shaking the monitor. Ask the pointy haired guy what he’ll do when you’re not there to save him.

    Loompa… if you remember this don’t put the original victim’s real name here. He’s just paranoid enough to still be looking.

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