new pictures

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading a whole bunch of photos that were sitting on the laptop.
Erin’s wedding photos. These are the “official” wedding pictures. She did a really spectacular job shooting the wedding and I’m glad we were able to have a friend be our photographer.
Heather & Andy’s wedding. I’ve broken this album into two parts, the wedding itself and the drunken revelry that occured at the James Joyce Irish Pub shortly after the wedding.
General DC photos. These are pictures from our jaunts into DC on Thursday and Friday. Friday, we dragged Gareth along and wound up walking way more miles than I care to think about.

The DC photos are currently only Sean’s pictures, from the digital camera. I should have my photos on CD Thursday and will try to get them uploaded.

Friday, I’m on my way over to Atlanta for a weekend of taping DragonConTV stuff and getting a last minute chance to visit some friends before I fly off to Phoenix.

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  1. Fixed! The fugly green is now gone. But if you see a Configuration Screen, that’s probably Kat changing the skins. 🙂

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