organizational nightmare

Trying to coordinate a move is an organizational nightmare. Here are the stats.

Sean left this morning to head out to Phoenix early with one of the cats (Weaver, aka FluffButt). He’s going ahead and establishing the temporary housing that we will be living for the first couple of weeks. Sean is specifically going out early so that he can, hopefully, find a job and get a few things established (such as a PO box for forwarding mail) before I get out there.

I’m staying behind until May 29. My last day of work is May 26. The movers come to pack on May 27. The movers return to load everything (including my car) on May 28. In that period of time, I have to make sure the entire house is packed as necessary, that I have set aside everything that I will be bringing with me on the plane (the other cat included), and that everyone that needs to know we’re moving knows.

I am also trying to keep the house as neat as humanly possible during all of this, since we are still trying to sell the house. Hopefully, we will have an offer before I fly out to Phoenix next Saturday, but sadly, I’ve quit holding my breath on that one. We’ve had many people look at the house, but sadly no one seems to like it enough to put an offer on it. We need an offer on the house by June 15. Hell, the house really needs to be closed by June 15 so that we can go ahead with the purchase of our house out in Phoenix. Ah yes, another logistical nightmare. We’re trying to sell our house. The purchase of the house out in Phoenix is contingent upon the sale of our house here in Huntsville. The sellers of the house out in Phoenix have a contingency clause on the purchase of their new home that is contingent on the sale of their current home. So, my realtor is calling me on a regular basis to see if we’ve sold our house here.

Keeping up? Good. On top of all of this, my new company has already sent me all of my paperwork, including my security paperwork so that hopefully by day one, I’ll be pretty much ready to go and what little isn’t ready on day one (ie, my new clearance), will be ready a little bit quicker than if they waited until I started. Today, I get to run by the Huntsville plant of my new company and pick up a couple more pieces of paper that need to be filled out.

My ‘to do’ list keeps getting longer rather than shorter. Everytime one thing gets finished, two more things get added. I’m determined, though, to get through this and keep one shred of sanity in the end. I mean, I have to have a little sanity to lose while I’m on the airplane with my cat.

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2 thoughts on “organizational nightmare

  1. While my move wasn’t quite the logistical mess, it was definitely entertaining, since I moved about a week after finals. Thankfully, all of my stuff fit into a 5×7 trailer (with Dad using black holes to accomplish that), and the boys got to ride in the car for about 14 hours.

    I don’t know how Weaver reacts to vehicles, but Sam was funny. We think he actually got motion sickness, because he spent most of his time curled up in the cat box. We think the cat litter dampened the car’s motions.

    Kat – email/call me when Sean arrives to Phoenix.

  2. Ummm, Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you guys will be missed! I know I haven’t seen you that much but I did enjoy the time that I got to spend around you. Anyway, Sarah and I wanted to have you out to my house for dinner one night this week, but I’m currently in Oklahoma City en route to Pueblo, Co. So Sorry!

    On a side note. If you have any hockey gear that you don’t feel like transporting to Phoenix I’d be happy to take it off your hands. 🙂 I promise I’m not trying to take your things and shove you out the door. 🙂

    Okay, so good luck! Maybe I’ll get a chance to come visit you guys. I’ll be in Colorado for 4 months starting January and I’ve never been to phoenix.

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