I realize that in every job there is uptime and there is downtime. The uptime being when you’re really busy and the downtime being when you are really not busy. I’m in a downtime slump right now. This would be classified as downtime that you just can’t seem to get out of. I have one thing that I’m working on: transitioning everything from my old contract out of this office. This includes writing white papers, burning DVD backups of all work and in general cleaning up the systems that the government is moving out of our office into whatever company gets this contract. This is about a week’s worth of work that we have 2 months to complete. Can we say that I am utterly bored? Yes, I think we can. The systems are clean, the white papers are written and now I am just waiting to back everything up. This, of course, requires cooperation from everyone who worked on the contract to tell me what needs to be backed up. There’s the catch. Not everyone wants to cooperate. In fact, specifically, one person does not want to cooperate and is making my life hell this week. Every day brings on a new fight with this person over what can/should be backed up. *sigh* Only a few more weeks and this will all be over with…

Hello world!

I have stolen—okay, gotten it from Gareth—the old data and imported it into WordPress.

Plans for Morrill World Domination go forward from here.