on the road again

Tonight, I fly out to Phoenix, AZ for the weekend. The main purpose for the trip is to interview for a potential new job. I’ve hesitated to post about this on my website, since things in my office are really tense right now. I have been unhappy with my job since we lost the contract I was on back in December. To be perfectly honest, I was growing unhappy after my boss left the company, but so long as I was doing the analysis work I had, I was pretty happy.

Since December, I have started to put my feelers out for any potential jobs that I could move to elsewhere, while also trying to fix my problems I had with my current position. Things are still not working out here, so I am more seriously looking at outside jobs, including the possibility of relocating. So, tomorrow, I will be spending my day in interviews with a company out in Phoenix.

Sean and I are both rather psyched if I get the job out in Phoenix, as the city looks like a cool place to move to. It’s got a great culinary and art community as well as having lots of nature trails and outdoor activities in the vicinity. Oh yeah, and it’s got autocrossing. It would also give both of us a chance to start over fresh. I love our group of friends here in town, but I’ve grown up here in Huntsville and I need a chance to move away from what I’m familiar with. It will be a chance for me to grow.

While I’m out there, I’m also going to try to get in some relaxation time. Amy’s got a friend out in Phoenix that I’m trying to hook up with this weekend. That, and from what I can read, it looks like there will be some awesome shopping opportunities near where I’m staying. I will be back late Sunday night, hopefully with lots of pictures and a bit better idea if I still want to move out there.

3 thoughts on “on the road again

  1. I just had a business appointment with Stephen. As he left, he said, "You need to get Kat a job here. We need none of this ‘move to Arizona’ business."

    I replied, "I feel like an enabler. I really shouldn’t take her to the airport."

    GFM <– will be at your house in a half-hour

  2. Get me a job in DC and I’ll move there. Unfortunately, the resumes I’ve submitted up to DC have not come to fruition.

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