greater appreciation

I think I spent more time this weekend in my car than out of it. I wasn’t on a roadtrip. I was at driver’s school this weekend. It was sponsored by the same club that sponsors all of the autocrossing events that Sean and I go to. It wasn’t a school to go to to learn how to autocross my car, although there were some elements of that in there. It was a school to learn how to drive my car better.

After the day was over, we had gone through 6 different courses including slaloms, 90 degree bends, 180 degree turns, decreasing radius turns, horseshoes that you had to choose a direction at the last minute and a mini autocross course. My consensus after torturing my car for a full day? I love my car. I don’t love it because it’s a sleek convertible that can go fast when I want it to. I love Marvin because it handles well and reacts quickly when I want it to. I have a greater appreciation for what my car can do now. I’m so making our kids take this course when they learn how to drive.