oh the luxury

Back from Phoenix. It was a long, but very fun trip this weekend. Friday was busy with interviewing and learning about the company. Lots of literature and goodies were handed out to add to the cramming of my suitcase. Everyone that I met was really nice. I’m particularly interested in two of the positions that I interviewed for, but we’ll see if I get any offers. Friday night, some of the company’s employees got a group of us that were interviewing together and took us out for an evening of fun. We went into the Tempe area, where there are a lot of bars and clubs. There’s an Irish pub. It was so wonderful. I had Strongbow and Guinness on tap. We went to a few other places, but that one was hands down my favorite one.

Saturday was a little more laid back. I got to sleep in a little bit and then there was a tour of the nearby area as well as some apartments around the Phoenix area. More literature was handed out, this time about Phoenix. Saturday afternoon was spent just driving around exploring on my own. That evening, I met up with Amy and Jeff’s friends Kara and Matt. Awesome people. We had a really good dinner and I got a chance to ask lots of questions. Saturday night was once more spent out and about with some of the same people from Friday night. This time, though, I wasn’t a DD and drank a wee bit too much.

Sunday morning, I woke up hungover. All I can say is Jaegerbombs are really, really bad. Don’t try them. They’re the work of pure EEEEEEEVVVVIIILLLLLL. I guzzled water, showered and packed my bags and checked out of the hotel. Thankfully, there was a Denny’s right next to the hotel. The french toast was very tasty. My stomach thanked me and decided to be less cranky after that. The drive back to the airport was uneventful.

This leads me to the big surprise of the weekend. I got my tickets and noticed that I was sitting towards the front of the plane, but I didn’t think anything of it. I had flown regional jets out to Phoenix and I figured that that was what I was flying going back. Nope. As I got onto the plane, I started to look for my seat and couldn’t find it. I asked the stewardess and she pointed to first class and said, “Oh, you’re up in first class.” I was completely shocked. I thanked her and quickly found my seat. I checked my ticket once more, just to make sure. Yep. 2D. That was my seat. Cool. All I have to say about First Class is that it is down right luxurious. I got to drink out of real glass and even had room to curl up in my seat as I am prone to do. Oh the luxury to be able to fly like this. I got first class from Atlanta to Huntsville as well, but that wasn’t too big of a deal since it was only a 30 minute hop.

I’m back now, none the worse for wear. I’m tired, but relaxed. Now to just wait and see if I get an offer. *crosses fingers*

on the road again

Tonight, I fly out to Phoenix, AZ for the weekend. The main purpose for the trip is to interview for a potential new job. I’ve hesitated to post about this on my website, since things in my office are really tense right now. I have been unhappy with my job since we lost the contract I was on back in December. To be perfectly honest, I was growing unhappy after my boss left the company, but so long as I was doing the analysis work I had, I was pretty happy.

Since December, I have started to put my feelers out for any potential jobs that I could move to elsewhere, while also trying to fix my problems I had with my current position. Things are still not working out here, so I am more seriously looking at outside jobs, including the possibility of relocating. So, tomorrow, I will be spending my day in interviews with a company out in Phoenix.

Sean and I are both rather psyched if I get the job out in Phoenix, as the city looks like a cool place to move to. It’s got a great culinary and art community as well as having lots of nature trails and outdoor activities in the vicinity. Oh yeah, and it’s got autocrossing. It would also give both of us a chance to start over fresh. I love our group of friends here in town, but I’ve grown up here in Huntsville and I need a chance to move away from what I’m familiar with. It will be a chance for me to grow.

While I’m out there, I’m also going to try to get in some relaxation time. Amy’s got a friend out in Phoenix that I’m trying to hook up with this weekend. That, and from what I can read, it looks like there will be some awesome shopping opportunities near where I’m staying. I will be back late Sunday night, hopefully with lots of pictures and a bit better idea if I still want to move out there.

little beam of sunshine

Every afternoon, my office gets this wonderfully warm beam of sunshine across my desk and my office chair. It always comes right around 2pm when I’m full from lunch and starting to get a little sleepy. It’s so tempting to just curl up in my chair and take a little nap in my little beam of sunshine. Must resist the cat-like urges…

greater appreciation

I think I spent more time this weekend in my car than out of it. I wasn’t on a roadtrip. I was at driver’s school this weekend. It was sponsored by the same club that sponsors all of the autocrossing events that Sean and I go to. It wasn’t a school to go to to learn how to autocross my car, although there were some elements of that in there. It was a school to learn how to drive my car better.

After the day was over, we had gone through 6 different courses including slaloms, 90 degree bends, 180 degree turns, decreasing radius turns, horseshoes that you had to choose a direction at the last minute and a mini autocross course. My consensus after torturing my car for a full day? I love my car. I don’t love it because it’s a sleek convertible that can go fast when I want it to. I love Marvin because it handles well and reacts quickly when I want it to. I have a greater appreciation for what my car can do now. I’m so making our kids take this course when they learn how to drive.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May the blessings of light be upon you,
Light without and light within,
And in all your comings and goings,
May you ever have a kindly greeting
From them you meet along the road.

Here’s to everyone having a good St. Patty’s Day.