dc in may

I bought our tickets today. Sean and I are heading up to Washington, DC in May. Sean’s never been and it’s been a few years since I was there. We’ll spend a couple days touring around the DC area and staying with my aunt and uncle up there. Then, we’ve got Heather and Andy’s wedding to attend. Maybe a day of strolling around Baltimore. Pictures galore will be taken since DC’s supposed to be gorgeous in May. I am really looking forward to this trip.

New Aunt

As of this morning at 8:06am, I became a new aunt. My sister-in-law had her baby girl, named Katera Christian. Going for the record of the largest baby in our family, Katera weighs in at 9lb. 13oz. and is 22″ long. Both she and the mom are doing great. I’ll post pictures and an update as soon as I get a chance to see the two of them tonight. I guess this means Carlile will have a little sister to boss him around now. 🙂