the last minute

I got suckered this summer. I was elected as an alumni rep for the class of ’98 from ASMS. The next day at my first council meeting, I got suckered into organizing the annual Winter Retreat. My one constraint was that I didn’t have to do any planning until after October. Someone else would take care of anything that needed doing before October.

I spent the month of October trying to find someone who knew what the hell was going on. I’ve promptly spent the last two months trying to figure out what else needed to get done. Then, this week, everyone disappeared off the radar for Christmas. I type this at 10:45pm the night before the retreat. In approximately 12 hours, I have to be at Joe Wheeler State Park. There is no dinner planned (the person who was supposed to do that, didn’t). Only one executive council member who has check writing privileges on the council’s checking account will be there. Let us pray he remembers his check book. I still have to run to Sam’s tomorrow morning and pick up salad fixings, chips and sodas for tomorrow night. I have to get up at 8am tomorrow and call the restaurant and place the order that was never placed. I also have to call Joe Wheeler and pray that they take cancellations at this late last minute, else we’ll have about 5 extra cabins. *sigh*

I just spent the past 1.5 hours on the phone with the council’s President. I think we have everything organized now…

Next year, I swear this is going to be so much better planned.

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5 thoughts on “the last minute

  1. :chuckle: I did this gathering of people from the music community I run last year, and well, I swore it’d be better done this year. It’s not. Oi.

  2. I’m making the same promise this year, too. I’m organizing next year’s now. At least now I know what to expect…

  3. Really nice, actually. They’re not quite a house, but they’re much nicer than a simple cabin. Hardwood floors, decent beds, kitchens, porches on all of the cabins.

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