the weekend that was and wasn’t

Sean and I don’t seem capable of having a normal weekend. You know, the weekends where you wake up in the morning, quietly make eggs and bacon to go with your tea and coffee and spend a day calmly doing chores around the house and running errands. Those weekends don’t exist in Sean’s and my book.

The weekend started off innocently enough. Jeff, Amy and Patrick came over to our house Friday to watch Matrix Reloaded. We didn’t get through half the movie before we just gave up and gabbed for the rest of the evening. Amy and Jeff left early. Jeff was tired after a week of work. Patrick left about 11:30 or so. We went to bed, curled up for a good night’s rest. We both needed it.

Sean woke up a bit earlier than I did. The time was around 3am. He woke me up about 3:15am. I didn’t know what was going on. Then, Sean explained why he had woken me up. “My car’s been broken into.” Shit. He calls 911 to report the incident and I go outside to survey the damage. The back driver’s side window had been broken. A screwdriver had neatly popped it out without making a shattering sound. The stereo had been cleanly ripped out of the front console. The trunk had been popped open and the entire subwoofer box was gone. They hadn’t been so nice with that one. The cables had been ripped. We’d have to get new ones of those. Damnit.

The police came and took a report. The thiefs had been scared away when the car alarm went off on a truck down the street while they were trying to break into it. We were the only ones that had anything stolen. We had three policemen respond to the call, all within about 10 minutes of the original call. That was gratifying at least. After the report and looking around the neighborhood for any other broken into cars, the police left. Sean and I tried to tape a garbage bag over the broken window. We finally went back inside and curled back up in bed. The time was about 4am by now.

A good night’s rest was still achievable, but not for us. Both of us tossed and turned for the rest of the night wondering what we could have done differently to have prevented this from happening. The end answer is “Nothing.” It’s hard to realize that, though, right after you’ve had something stolen from you like this. Sean will call the insurance company. The equipment will be replaced, but I’ll never again feel safe with one of our cars outside our house.

The rest of the weekend almost seemed blase in comparison to Friday night. Saturday, we ran errands during the day. I took a nap sometime aroudn 3pm. We went to the Angie Aparo concert and enjoyed spending an evening together with good music. Came home. Crashed. Sunday, Sean went to work. I stayed at home and did stuff around the house. I’m making curtains for the master bedroom. I’ve got my costume to finish for Bill & Cat’s party. Pots need to be replanted. Thank you notes need to be written. Stuff, in general, needs to be done.

We both finally crash around 11:30pm. The weekend is over. Another week starts in a few hours. May it be less eventful than this weekend.

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4 thoughts on “the weekend that was and wasn’t

  1. Ouch. Didn’t know.
    Sorry we didn’t make it to the Angie Aparo show. We kinda went full-scale hermit this weekend after going out and visiting on Friday night.

  2. Both of my parents have had their houses broken in to. Everytime something like this happens, I have to remind myself that it’s only stuff and stuff can be replaced. You guys can’t be replaced. Sorry you lost your cool stereo, glad you didn’t get hurt. 🙁

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