new ways to find cheap fares

Two thumbs up to the travel section of’s website. Lisa sent Sean a couple links to a series of articles that one of the travel editors wrote on Ireland recently. The series of articles is absolutely terrific. Not only does it talk about some of the websites that you can get great package deals from, but it also talks about staying there and what to do while you’re there, etc. It’s helped Sean and me start planning our trip.

While browsing through the travel section of, though, I also found a terrific article on new ways to find cheap fares. I checked out one of the websites that the article points readers to, ITA. This is a really cool site. It’s the same software that sites like Orbitz use, but I liked the flexibility of being able to see the matrix of options that this site uses. If you like to travel and you like to find good fares for travelling, this site is definitely a good one to check out.