things to do

My wedding keeps creeping closer. Tomorrow, I take my dress to a seamstress to get a bit of it altered. The dress fits for the most part, but there are a couple places in the top that need to be adjusted slightly. I also need the back of the dress to have hooks attached for bustling.

Having the dress altered and bustled meant that I had to have my shoes that I’d be wearing for the wedding by the time I went to the seamstress. So, yesterday afternoon, mom and I went dress shoe shopping. That was the most painless shoe shopping I’ve ever done in my life. We walked into Dillard’s and browsed a bit in the shoe area until Eric, a salesperson, came up and asked if he could help us. Five minutes later, I’m sitting with ever sling back or sandal shoe, that came in ivory or bone, in front of me and I was trying them on. I left last night with my wedding shoes. I can’t find a picture of them online, so I’ll take some pictures of them tonight and post them. They’re really pretty and actually comfortable to wear.

Also on the accomplished list: I have my appointment set up for trying out a hair style as well as my appointment for getting my hair done the day of the wedding; I have my bridal portrait appointment setup for late August to get that out of the way; we have a DJ for the reception.

On the to do list over the next week: 1) I need to arrange with my local hairstylist to do my hair for the day of my bridal portraits. Thankfully, by then, I’ll have been to the other hairstylist and will be able to show Noel pictures of exactly how I want it. 2) I’ve got a good idea of which ring I want to get Sean, but I still need to purchase it. 3) I need to pick out a veil and headpiece before I go to the hairstylist on August 9, so that the hairstyle can reflect what I will be wearing in my hair. 4) Invitations need to start being addressed. They need to go out no later than August 16, but I’d like them to be ready to be mailed by then and not have a late-night fluster of activity on August 15. I’ll start working on invitations next week some time.

Other than that, plans for the wedding are starting to fuse into an absolutely lovely day.