This past weekend, I got a chance to catch up once more with a good friend of mine, Evonne. She and I roomed together our senior year at ASMS. She went off to MIT for college and I to Furman and then UAH. We kept up over the past five years, but it had been over a year since I had last actually seen her. Her hair was a bit shorter than I last remembered it, but Evonne’s always been one of those people who grows her hair for a while, cuts it, grows it again, etc. I asked her about it and she mentioned that she had let it grow out really long until about 6 months ago, when she decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love. In the end, she donated a little over 2 feet (yes, that’s right people, 24 inches!) of hair to Locks. She’s like a real life Rapunzel.

one too many looks

Doesn’t it just bug you sometimes when you’ve been staring at code for what seems like forever and it doesn’t work; then when you get someone else to look at it, they find the problem in just a couple of minutes? I mean, I’m glad the code works now, but geez! It was a stupid mistake no less! I guess I looked at the code too long and too many times.


I finished my machine quilting class that I was taking from Carol Strong on Tuesday. It was an excellent class and I feel like I’ve got a really good grasp on what I’m doing now. Carol even said that I had picked up on machine quilting very quickly and she was impressed.

On another note, Mary had just gotten in some new fabrics on Tuesday, so our class was the first to look at them (and lay claim to the first yards of all the bolts). Absolutely fabulous. A lot of them are from the Timeless Treasures. This kaleidoscope pattern was hands down my favorite one. I got two yards of it. I also picked up a few other random ones from the Paradise Series by Pat Campbell. One of the other shipments that Mary got in was this one. I picked up a few of the sunflower patterns. I’m really looking forward to finding ways to use these fabrics.