ways to spend a saturday afternoon

I spent my Saturday afternoon pleasantly occupied doing various chores around the house and around town. I had to find a Father’s Day gift for my father and I wanted to pick up some paint samples for the kitchen, since we’ll be doing painting in there as soon as I finish stripping paper.
There was one chore, though, that I’d been putting off until I had a small horde of cash to spend on it. I had the cash and I had the time, so I decided to quit putting it off. After talking to Misty, we agreed to meet at 2:30. Five minutes after that, Misty and I were standing at the Clinique counter in Parisian’s, talking to a consultant. That’s right. I got a makeup consultation yesterday. The main reason for doing this is because of the wedding. (Isn’t that the reason I do just about everything now?) I know I’m going to need to wear makeup for the wedding so that I look good in the pictures. Because my skin does not like change, I wanted to start wearing makeup now so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my skin rebelling the day of the wedding (what a nightmare that would be!)
A little over an hour after we walked to the Clinique counter, Misty and I were both walking away with bags of product. I stuck to mainly buying cleaning products at Clinique; makeup removing soap, toner, facial soap and moisturizer. After letting the makeup consultant figure out what shades looked good on me, Misty and I headed to Wal-Mart to find the less expensive actual makeup. 3 hours after leaving my house to meet up with Misty, I found myself back at my house, standing with a bag from Parisian’s and a bag from Wal-Mart that consisted of my new face regime. I couldn’t help but have flashbacks of Janeane Garofalo in The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Thankfully, I wasn’t crying my mascara off by the end of the experience. It felt kinda weird, but I’m determined to see if I can get used to the makeup being on my face. We’ll see if it becomes more natural feeling as time goes by. In the mean time, it’s time for me to go wash my face and see if I can remember how to put all of this on this morning…

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2 thoughts on “ways to spend a saturday afternoon

  1. Kat – did they give you that 5 step face wash junk with that bar of soap that smells really bad (and the astringent etc…)? I used that for a while and let’s just say my skin freaked out. Oh what we women have to do for our skin…….

  2. Yeah, it was a 3-step thing. I flat out refused to use the moisturizer that was in the 3-step thing and chose another moisturizer that’s oil free.

    Status Report: So far, my face hasn’t freaked out about the whole makeup thing. I put it on first thing in the morning with touchups through the day. It all gets washed off in the evenings before going to bed. So, my face gets a long day wearing it. Not to bad. I’ve even gotten it down to just adding another ~3 minutes to my routine in the mornings. I can deal with that.

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