bored to tears, busy as all hell

That pretty aptly describes my job now that I’m full time. When I was a part time co-op student, I could usually keep my work spread out so that I always had something to do, but rarely was I really, really busy. That and I always had the excuse at the end of the day that I had to get to class. No more excuses like that. If something’s not done, I stay. If there’s nothing to do, I sit at my desk and surf the web (the latter not being the case for the past couple of weeks). I can’t complain, though. Being busy means that I have a job and it’s merely a bonus that I really love what I do. So, here’s the question. Other than Geof, is everyone else’s job like this? Bored to tears on some days and busy as all hell on others? Or is it just government contractors/sub-contractors?

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7 thoughts on “bored to tears, busy as all hell

  1. Me! Me me me me me

    I answer the phones & do various admin. tasks. Depending on what’s going on I can be hideously busy, kind of busy or dead/nothing. Yesterday & today are basically nothing days. Last week I had a couple of hideously busy days.

    Like the company, like the people, wish the work load would even out (but it hasn’t in the 18 months I’ve been here).

  2. Oh yeah. Especially since most of our lab work is dependent on the weather. When it rains, we have almost no work for the next two or three days. But I still have to sit around and wait, just in case something does come in.

    *grin* Like today.

  3. /me raises hand from Seat 26D of Boeing 757 headed to Somewhere in America

  4. Try a job that depends on both weather AND construction seasons.

    Give me a rainy day in the winter and I’ve nothing to do other than annoy my co-workers. Give me a rainy spring, followed by a mild June and things turn frantic. All the septic systems that were marginally working are now failing due to the extra water and all the builders are frantically trying to rush everything on the new stuff. If my 2:00 inspection hadn’t hit utility lines, I’d be scampering off right now. 3:00 and 4:00 time slots are filled, so it will be scurry-hurry in about an hour.

  5. Yeah i joined the navy to better my life and to add some excitment but all i do now is answer phones all day 12 hours a day. so my job is so boring no one can top it.. and when we are busy with the phones it sux because people can be so stupid sometimes.. so none of you beat how boring my job is.

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