karma and scores

Karma is getting back at me for something I did. If anybody can notify me of what exactly it was, I’d appreciate it. The past two days, I’ve been working non-stop with one of the most annoying coworkers at our office. He’s supposed to be one of the few people at our office that just does programming (most of us do both programming and analysis, such as myself). What has taken him the past 2.5 weeks to work on (and never get working) took myself and one of my other coworkers 3 hours to put together this morning. Now, after spending 9 hours in a windowless room today, it’s time to hit Casa Blanca for dinner and a margarita tonight. I’ve grown quite fond of their margaritas.

On another note, I got my FE/EIT results in the mail yesterday. I passed! Talk about making me feel good about the knowledge I gained in college. 🙂 Now I’ve just got to see if I can find a certified Professional Engineer within the company. We’ll see how I can work that out.

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