time spent in atlanta

I spent another weekend in Atlanta this past weekend. Misty and I ventured over so that I could pick up my dress finally. It’s been in for about a month, but I haven’t had the time to go over and pick it up. It’s gorgeous! I only have to have it slightly altered, which is really great. I also talked to florists this weekend, so hopefully, I’ll have flowers taken care of soon. The best part of the weekend (okay, second best to getting my wedding dress) was the D*Con staff meeting. Not the meeting part, but getting to see a lot of my really good friends. I missed the first staff meeting, so this one was especially nice getting to see everyone again. After the meeting was a cookout at Thomas’. Good food, good friends, good times to be had by all. Sadly, though, the weekend was over all too soon and it was time to head home Sunday night. Misty and I got in late, but thankfully I got to sleep in yesterday morning.

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