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Similar to Brian, my personal (and business) life have been kind of getting in the way of me writing about my personal life on my blog. Not for lack of things to write about, I have plenty of those. Rather, there’s so much to say, I just don’t know where to start. Last Sunday, I graduated. It’s official. I have my diploma from UAH. The Monday after graduation, I left for a 3 day trip to New Orleans. There was a cluster working group conference down at Xavier that several of us at work went to. I won’t complain one iota about a business trip to New Orleans. 🙂 We stayed at the Hilton Riverside and even got to eat at Emeril’s on Tuesday night. I’ll write about that experience later, though. Wednesday, I got back at about 6pm. I then managed to spend the rest of my week catching up on work at the office that I needed to get done before the end of last week. Saturday was our company picnic, which I helped organize this year, so I was helping set up at 9am and was still there when everything was being cleaned up at 4pm. I proceeded to spend the remainder of that day vegged out on the couch with sore feet. And yes, even though there were tornado warnings and torrential rains, we just moved the picnic inside to a church and still had a great turnout (having a moonbounce for the kids helped). Sunday was spent doing wedding registry stuff, wedding band shopping, browsing through Sam’s and other various wedding related and errand-related stuff.

*yawn* Now, it’s another Monday morning, with another 40-hour work week ahead of me. I’ll post more details sometime in the near future.

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