The MisAdventures of Misty and Kat

It was the end of a long semester for Kat. In fact, it was her last semester, so Kat decided to take a trip down to the beach with her fiance and a couple of their good friends, Misty and Stephen. Misty and Kat were going to go down a day early and open up the house and have a quiet day to themselves before the men joined them the following evening.

The drive down to the beach was relatively uneventful. Kat could feel herself relaxing the whole drive down, enjoying thoughts of free time this summer, rather than days spent in classrooms. Misty and Kat went to David’s Bridals to try on some bridesmaids’ dresses for the upcoming wedding and then enjoyed a great lunch at PF Chang’s before finishing the drive to the beach.

Once down at the beach, Kat and Misty opened up the house, turned on the air to cool the house off, turned on the water and the electricity. They fiddled around for a little while at the house before deciding that a walk on the beach was in order to finish the day off right. They locked up the house and walked across the street to the beach and enjoyed laughing at the sandpipers and the pelicans. Misty and Kat enjoyed the cool ocean water on their feet and the soft, white sand. Finally, they decided to head back to the house since the light was beginning to fade.

Kat and Misty walked back across the street to the house and went around back where the outdoor shower was, so that they could rinse their feet off before heading back inside the house. While fiddling around with the outdoor shower, trying to figure out why it wasn’t working, Misty noticed that water was leaking out around the foundation of the house. At first, they didn’t think much of it. They finally decided that the outside shower wasn’t worth it. They dusted off their feet best they could, unlocked the back door to the house and walked in.

The tile floor was wet. Really wet. They could hear splashing noises coming from one of the bathrooms. Oh no. They ran into the bathroom. One of the hoses underneath the sink had exploded. Kat ran outside to the water main and turned off the water as fast as she could. Upon further inspection, the bathroom was soaked, the kitchen and dining area were soaked. Thankfully these three rooms were tile. That would just require a bit of mopping up. The guest bathroom, on the other hand, was also soaked. It had carpet in it. Oh no. Kat and Misty were in Florida, where if this problem wasn’t fixed quickly, by the next morning the carpet would not only still be wet, it would be moldy, too. They hunted down all of the towels that they could find in the house and began to mop up as much water as they could. They wouldn’t be able to mop up all of the water in the carpet, though, with just towels. They needed something else. Misty suggested a steamer vacuum would work pretty well. So, while Kat continued to try to mop up as much water as possible, Misty ran to the local Winn-Dixie before they closed and rented a Rug Doctor from them. Twenty-five dollars and about 30 minutes later, Kat and Misty were trying to suck up water from the carpet using the Rug Doctor.

Three hours later, we find two delusional women still trying to dry out the carpet in the guest bedroom. Furniture had been moved into other rooms, the carpet had been pulled up in certain areas to get to the thick carpet padding below and Misty and Kat had managed to suck at least a gallon of water out of the carpet. They finally gave up for the night. They had spent three hours using both the vacuum and the hand attachment to get as much water out of the carpet as possible. They both voted that sleep was more important than saving the carpet, so they both went to bed, determined to finish fixing the problem on the next day.

The next day, the carpet had begun to dry and Kat and Misty were not quite as delusional as they were the night before. That night, the men brought a fan to help the carpet finish drying and tools to fix the faucet issue. Unfortunately, the faucet issue wound up requiring a professional plumber because hardware stores don’t carry the type of plastic fixtures the sink needed. But, the carpet was saved, thanks to Misty and Kat’s efforts.

The rest of the weekend seemed almost uneventful after that night spent cleaning up water. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.

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  1. Yeah, someone needs to give the person who did the plumbing down there a swift kick in the ass. I know how to do plumbing stuff, but using pipes that are not normally used for this sort of thing, or shut off valves that are no longer in production pretty much set me back a few steps. Oh well, maybe they will get the shower fixed at the same time.

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