couple steps closer

I keep moving a couple steps closer to finishing my bachelor’s degree.

Allis, Brian, Bill and I presented our senior design project today and it worked! It’s been kinda flaky on us lately and we’ve found a few problems that we were praying wouldn’t come up during the demo. Thankfully, they didn’t and everything went very smoothly. We were exactly on time for every part of the presentation. So, now all that’s left is for me to finish the documentation for the project by Tuesday and I will be completely done with my senior design class.

I finished my hang gliding class on Saturday. It made for a very hectic weekend, but that’s all right, it’s over now. I passed the Hang-1 certification test, which is very cool. Now, if I ever decide to continue with hang gliding (I’m going to do other things that I want to do first, though, before I decide this), then I can pick up with where I left off, rather than start all over again. I even flew on Saturday! My feet left the ground for a short while and the hang glider helped me fly. It was really an exhilirating experience. I can understand why people do it now.

Last night, I got my final grade in my Signals and Systems class. I’m not thrilled with the grade, but I’m satisfied. The professor told me after class that I wanted to see me take the optional final exam. I almost laughed in his face. The only thing that I’ve heard about that final is absolute misery. We talked about it for a little while, but I told him that I wasn’t going to take it. I don’t have time right now with trying to finish classes as well as getting stuff out the door at work lately. I at least parted his office last night with a well-wishing from him and I appreciate that.

All I have left in front of me are three things before I can drive down to the beach for the first vacation in several years that I haven’t had to think about school during. I have my Intro to Software Engineering final exam, my Probability and Statistics final exam, and the Senior Design final documentation. Not a problem. This time in eight days, I’ll be down at the beach chilling. What a wonderful thought to get me through the next week.

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