couple steps closer

I keep moving a couple steps closer to finishing my bachelor’s degree.

Allis, Brian, Bill and I presented our senior design project today and it worked! It’s been kinda flaky on us lately and we’ve found a few problems that we were praying wouldn’t come up during the demo. Thankfully, they didn’t and everything went very smoothly. We were exactly on time for every part of the presentation. So, now all that’s left is for me to finish the documentation for the project by Tuesday and I will be completely done with my senior design class.

I finished my hang gliding class on Saturday. It made for a very hectic weekend, but that’s all right, it’s over now. I passed the Hang-1 certification test, which is very cool. Now, if I ever decide to continue with hang gliding (I’m going to do other things that I want to do first, though, before I decide this), then I can pick up with where I left off, rather than start all over again. I even flew on Saturday! My feet left the ground for a short while and the hang glider helped me fly. It was really an exhilirating experience. I can understand why people do it now.

Last night, I got my final grade in my Signals and Systems class. I’m not thrilled with the grade, but I’m satisfied. The professor told me after class that I wanted to see me take the optional final exam. I almost laughed in his face. The only thing that I’ve heard about that final is absolute misery. We talked about it for a little while, but I told him that I wasn’t going to take it. I don’t have time right now with trying to finish classes as well as getting stuff out the door at work lately. I at least parted his office last night with a well-wishing from him and I appreciate that.

All I have left in front of me are three things before I can drive down to the beach for the first vacation in several years that I haven’t had to think about school during. I have my Intro to Software Engineering final exam, my Probability and Statistics final exam, and the Senior Design final documentation. Not a problem. This time in eight days, I’ll be down at the beach chilling. What a wonderful thought to get me through the next week.


I’ve been bad. I registered a new domain name today. When I originally registered, I was planning on doing more travelling and writing about travelling. Well, things haven’t quite worked out that way. In the meantime, though, I have gotten more involved in another hobby of mine, which is spinning. So, I started to think about a cool domain name that I could use for writing about spinning, and even maybe quilting, on. Sean suggested the name at first and I liked it. I hmm’ed and haw’ed about it, though, being the indecisive person that I am. Today, though, I just forced myself to make the decision and get the domain. I’m not going to do anything with it immediately, especially seeing as I’m right in the middle of finishing the last 3 weeks of my last semester as an undergrad. But, I think once school is over, this site is going to get the revamp I’ve been promising and spinningkitty will get a design. I have some ideas, I just need to make sure they come to fruition. Also, hopefully a result of this summer will be me finishing up some more spinning and getting a chance to test out some dying techniques in my backyard. We shall see.

picture foo

I got a roll of film developed this week that I’ve had sitting in my camera for a little while. Picture foo (as in, truly random pictures) was the result. Warning: the pictures are currently a little big. I’m going to try to get around to resizing them tonight, though, so hopefully they’ll be a little bit more viewable for those with less bandwidth than others.

Tarte Tatin
Back in October, Jody gave me a recipe for a tarte tatin that I tried out. The result was a great success and one that I will definitely be fixing again. I took the pics with the mums in the background because my mom had just given them to me and they were quite lovely.

Kitty pictures
Every once in a while, I can catch Weaver in a sedate enough mood that he doesn’t mind me taking his picture. Okay, so maybe he minded just a little bit.
It’s almost a miracle to have our two munchkins sitting in the same room with each other, much less on the same bed as each other.
Kudzu loves to hide under things. Under the blanket, under the basket… This time, she decided that hiding under the newspaper would be a new hiding place for her. Once she realized that we’d discovered where she was, though, she decided that just chilling under the paper would be fine, too. She can also just be a really cute cat in general.
Our cats are tough. I mean they have their own fur coats. Kudzu, though, on occasion decides to use other people’s coats to keep warm, even when the other person is still wearing the coat. As payback, though, she’s willing to look over what you’re doing, just to make sure you stay on track.

Green Mountain
As the weather began to warm up at the beginning of March, Sean and I took a day trip up to Green Mountain and the Madison County Nature Trail. It’s a beautiful nature trail that’s been around for years. Stuart even did his Eagle Scout project up there by fixing up the trails. We saw lots of geese while we were up there. Some of them were even willing to get up close for a few snapshots. Here he’s give us his side shot.
There’s a really pretty chapel along the nature trail. Nothing big, but it served it’s purpose a while back.
Doesn’t he just look right at home?

I’ll post these pics to my pictures page eventually.

white noise

My computer now gives me a great white noise filter so that I don’t hear as much outside of my office. I got a new computer today. Jimmy and Joe, our IS guys had come down a month or so ago and asked if I needed a computer upgrade. I mentioned that it would be nice to have a SCSI CD burner since my IDE one meant that I couldn’t use my system while burning CDs and I burn a lot of CDs around here. This morning, Jimmy walked into my office and asked what needed to be moved over to the new system. Wow. Cool. I gave him a quick list of directories I needed moved over and next thing I knew, Jimmy and Joe walked in with my beautiful new system. *sniff* I love it. My little 2GHz processor with 1G RAM system. I think I’ll be happy for a while. Now, to get a larger monitor…