leaking graymatter

Sinus problems suck. Before this year, in all of my 23 years of life, I’ve never had sinus issues. This year, it was time to make up for all of that. Thursday, it started with a sore throat. That wasn’t too bad. I dealt with that. Saturday, I started just kind of feeling icky, but I made it through hang gliding, a road trip to Atlanta and Cirque du Soleil. Sunday, though, was when it hit. Like a rock, too. A huge, heavy boulder that smacked me straight in the face. My sinuses just attacked like crazy. I had the stuffy nose, the watery eyes, the sinus pressure (with the usual headache that accompanies). Everything. I made it through Sunday all right. I dosed on Tylenol Sinus and that at least held things at bay for a little while. Yesterday, though, it got worse. The sinus pressure was excruciating. I don’t know how I made it through 8 hours of work yesterday. I felt like my sinuses were ballooning inside of my head to the point that instead of snot dripping out of my nose it was graymatter. So, last night, Sean made the suggestion of Nyquil. “It’ll knock you out, so you can get some rest,” he said. Bah. I took it and went to bed. I don’t think I got more than 45 minutes consecutive rest for the next 6 hours. At 5am, I finally woke up and took the Tavist Sinus medicine that we bought along with the Nyquil last night. Hot damn. It worked. I took this morning off of work so that I could get more sleep and sure enough, the medicine’s working. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ll have had a decent night’s rest and be back to my semi-normal state. *keeps fingers crossed*

a little sunshine

These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous. Spring hath arrived (or at least, I’m hoping that this isn’t some cruel trick of Mother Nature). Because Saturday was the first of these beautiful days, after my morning class got out, I went straight home and washed my car. There’s something about a sunny day after weeks of bad weather that just compels people to wash their cars. To be philosophic for a brief moment, I think it’s a way for people to reflect washing the ickiness of the cloudy, bad weather away. For me, it was just a bit of quiet time that I got to spend outside, soaking up rays while giving my car a well deserved wash and wax.

Afterwards, Sean meandered home after spending a morning going to a junkyard with a friend. We packed what was leftover of the muffuletta I had made the previous evening, a few things of water and headed up to Green Mountain. Before Saturday, I had not been up to Green Mountain in years. I knew where the nature trail was, generally, but hadn’t ever personally driven up there. The last time I had been up to the nature trail was when my brother Stuart got the whole family, as well as others in the community, involved in his Eagle Scout project up at the nature trail. (The project was to improve the trail itself and redo all of the labels for plant and tree specimen along the trail.)

We actually found the place with relative ease. Signs pointed the right way at all of the turns that we weren’t sure at. After driving along the narrow, windy roads for a little while, we turned into the parking lot of the Madison County Nature Trail. It hadn’t changed much from when I had last been up there. The trail had been fixed up a bit more since. Some parts of the trail had been moved around a little. Some benches and a nicer picnic area had been added. In general, though, it was the same place, with the same covered wooden bridge and large pond with greedy Canadian geese. There was even a beaver up there that popped its head out of the water for a short time while Sean and I were eating. We spent a good chunk of our afternoon up there, walking the trail and then driving around on top of the mountain, looking at all of the large, pretty homes up there. I snapped lots of pictures, which I will eventually get around to developing and scanning in so that I can post them.

It was the medicine I needed to get out of the funk I’d been in. There’s something about a little sunshine that just makes me happy. Perhaps some of the feline characteristics have rubbed off on me from Kudzu and Weaver that just makes me purr whenever there’s a good sunbeam around. I took a nap when I got home and just felt content for the rest of the day.