fate of my application

It’s amazing what process a simple undergraduate application goes through. I, unfortunately, have had the chance to find out the exact process that mine has had to go through since the registrar is insisting that it wound up never ending where it was supposed to (ie, the registrar’s office). It first starts out at Charger Central where I fill out the simple form and pay my $20 so that I can graduate. It is then sent up to the registrar’s office where they apparently do nothing with it, other than send it on to its next destination.

The next destination happens to be the ECE department in the College of Engineering. From there, the assistant chair looks at my application, determines if I have met my requirements or not and then gets the chair to sign it. Once it’s received its second signature (the first having been mine when I filled it out), it moves on to the Mathematics department where the chair there reviews my application for a mathematics minor. He then signs it and it gets sent back to the College of Engineering. This time, though, the dean gets to look over it and sign it. Once the dean has signed my application and the application has received it’s fourth signature, it is sent to the advising office for the College of Engineering where they copy it, send a copy to me, keep a copy for their records and then send it back to the Records/Registrar office.

There, it is supposed to be kept on file for my graduation, so that I can receive the appropriate degree and such. Sadly, this was apparently not the fate chosen for my application. Instead, my application went *poof* between the advising office and the registrar’s office. So, tomorrow morning, I get to take the copy of my application that I have on record to the registrar’s office and prove that I really do have all of the proper signatures, etc. to graduate with. The joys I get to go through just to get a lousy piece of paper.

Update: So, I was looking through my UAH files last night, finding my graduation application that I know my advisor’s office had sent me. Sure enough, I also found a letter from the registrar’s office confirming that they’d received my graduation application. Both that letter and my copy of the signed application will be making it’s way down to the inept registrar’s office today.

Update 2: Yesterday afternoon, I took my gathered paperwork down to the registrar’s office (aka Charger Central). Thankfully, Ben was there. Ben is Margaret’s older brother. He’s taken care of me whenever I have problems with UAH. I mentioned my problem and he goes, “That can’t be. I saw your paperwork and took care of it myself. Your application has already been processed and is ready to go.” Kick ass. It’s great having connections in important departments. So, the end of this story is that everything is still lined up and I am chalked up to graduate provided that I pass all of my classes (no, this is not a problem).

silence and the trunk monkey

I’ve been kind of silent on my site lately. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve had so much to say and yet no words to put any of it to my site. I am still alive, though. Now that the new wondergeeks is live and my new posts show up once more, I’ll likely start to post again.

For now, though, it’s time to get some sleep and make it through the last day of a trial week (you know, one of those weeks where you feel like everything is just a test to see how much you can handle). Soon, it will be another week and I can make another start.

Just to leave you with a really funny link: Do you have a trunk monkey in your car?


Props to Sean. This morning, after kissing Sean goodbye, I headed out to my car to go to work. Sitting on my steering wheel with a note “Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy your drive to work” was Tori Amos’ latest CD, Scarlet Walk. Thank you, Sweetie! You’re the best.

first and only

Sean and I took one of our usual jaunts over to Atlanta this weekend. On the agenda was a lot of wedding stuff, but we still got a chance to kick back and relax for a bit, too. Saturday during the day, we went and bought my wedding dress and showed Sean what Lickskillet Farm looked like. He loved it, of course. Saturday night, Sean and I decided to go downtown and spend the evening with Jason and Erin. The original plan was the find a poolhall downtown and shoot pool for a few hours. Bad idea. The All Star basketball games were in Atlanta this weekend. Downtown was gridlocked from about 7pm until well after 2am (when Sean and I left downtown). So, we stuck around Tech’s campus and just shot pool at their student center. It was actually a good pool hall. The only bad part about it was that there was no alcohol. Oh well. Jason kicked all of our asses, but we had a great time.

Sunday, Sean and I went to a registry event at Crate and Barrel. Mimosa’s at 10am are extremely good and worth waking up at 9am for. We got to spend 2 hours wandering around Crate and Barrel, munching on brunch foods and zapping various items that we want people to buy for us. Oh, and only engaged couples were in the store. For those two hours, all of the employees were there to just be helpful and find bar codes for items so that we could register for them. How cool was that? And to top it off, we got a free gift when we left. I figured it would be something dorky, but it wasn’t. When we got home and opened up the gift, it was two trumpet champagne flutes in the shapes of hearts. It was adorable! So, now Sean and I have something to toast with on Valentine’s Day.

We also spent Sunday talking to the minister who’s going to be the officiant at our ceremony, having lunch at Dreamland (Sean had never been before), and watching cars go sliding through the parking lot of the Andretti Speedway, with their back tires up on trays. But, that’s for a whole different post. What was really amusing on Sunday was the trip home. Sean and I left in enough time to give us some extra time before I had to be back in Huntsville for a project group meeting. On our way home, we were driving through Mentone when my feline curiosity finally got the better of me. “I wonder what the ski slope really looks like. I mean, we’ve driven this way a million times, but never gone to see what Cloudmont looks like. I don’t think it’s that far off the main road.” So, off we turn from the main road. After driving along a most definite country back road for a few miles, we finally find Cloudmont, Alabama’s first and only ski resort. It was an experience to say the least. Next time we go back to Atlanta, I’m going to bring my camera so that I can take pictures of the roads approaching the resort as well as the “resort” itself. It was a building that sold the tickets, a tow rope to get up the slope (it was a small enough slope that a tow rope was sufficient), and then the slope itself. The slope was the only place that had snow, literally. At the bottom of the slope, the snow stopped. There wasn’t even snow more than maybe 3 feet off of the actual slope. Just mud. So, I can now say that I’ve been to Alabama’s only ski resort and it was definitely an experience. The rest of the drive home seems almost mundane after that interesting experience.