Yesterday I went to a yoga class at the University Fitness Center. It was wonderful. They offer two parts on Wednesdays: Gentle Yoga and Active Yoga. I just attended the Gentle Yoga half, because I didn’t have a long lunch yesterday. It was soooo soothing. We did very calming positions that just stretched me out a little bit and helped me relax. I can now make it through the rest of my week. I think yoga on Wednesdays is going to become a habit. As Allis put it, “You’re Flexi-Kat.”


Yes, finally, I’ve gotten my act together and like a good bride, I’ve reserved a location for Sean’s and my ceremony and reception. As indicated by my last post, I had found a place that I really liked on Monday. The whole question, though, was whether or not my parents, the ones who are funding a good chunk of this venture, liked it as well. I knew mom had really liked it, because she said so on the ride home from Atlanta. Dad, on the other hand, we had no clue what he would say. After the pictures that mom had taken with her digital camera, though, and having both of us talk with him about the place, he agreed that it would be a good spot for the ceremony and reception. So, for those spectators that are keeping tabs on the upcoming wedding of Sean and Kat, here’s some new info. Oh, and I swear this date will not change again, as I’ve officially reserved the location and put a deposit in.

Event: Sean and Kat’s Wedding
Place: Lickskillet Farm
When: Evening-ish on September 27

Invitations will be forthcoming at a later date when I get my act together and Misty and I figure out what they’ll look like.

Seventeen hours after

I woke up before dawn yesterday morning. It was 5:09am on January 20th, to be exact. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. A holiday from both work and class for me. I had three tasks to complete by the end of the day. One, I had to drive Gareth back to Atlanta and meet up with Greg so that Greg could take Gareth back to Macon with him. Two, I had to go by New Natalie’s with my mom so that she could see my wedding dress and help me buy it. Three, I had two potential ceremony sites to go look at it.

Gareth and I left my house at a little bit before 6am to go pick my mom up and then drive to Atlanta. We got to Atlanta a little over three and a half hours later. We arranged with Greg to take care of task number one. Forty-five minutes later, I was standing in line at the cafe inside the Barnes and Noble Superstore next to Cumberland Mall when Greg called my cell phone. They were out in the parking lot, waiting to meet up with us. I walked out with my macchiato (I’m an addict to these things) and hugged Greg. We loaded all of Gareth’s stuff (a camera bag, a laptop bag and a Target shopping bag full of Gareth’s clothes) into Greg’s van and then I hugged Gareth goodbye. Mom and I climbed back into my car and headed for task two.

Task two proved to be a little more difficult than originally figured. It was easy. Go to New Natalie’s, grab the dress, have an assistant help me put it on, show the dress off to mom and then fill out an order form. Unfortunately, you need the second in that line of sequential events in order for the rest of the events to take place following. They didn’t have the sample dress. The story unfolded that a week ago a bride-to-be had come in and begged them to let her buy the sample dress as her wedding was in a month and she didn’t have time to order the dress and still have alterations done on it. The store caved in to the story and sold her the dress. Impressions Bridal, the dress designer had said that there was another sample dress on the way, no problem. A week later, the day that I walked into New Natalie’s, the sample dress still wasn’t there. *sigh* One of the ladies at the store called Impressions, got things worked out and told me that they would call me as soon as the sample dress came in. So, task two will have to wait for another couple of weeks until I can get back to Atlanta.

Task three wasn’t too difficult. Mom and I found Piedmont Park with little difficulty, just a couple wrong streets and that was it. Piedmont Terrace was quite nice, but as we read more and more about all of the expenses, it got to be quite expensive as well. It’s still, technically, in the running, but I hold little hope for it. When we left Piedmont Park, mom and I headed back up north to Roswell. We had one more prospective ceremony site about 7 minutes away from where Sean’s parents live, just off of Old Roswell Road. The place is called Lickskillet Farm. It’s an old farmhouse that was converted into a restaurant back in 1961. It’s been open ever since. It was fantastic. Sean and I could have the wedding in a glen down behind the restaurant. Killer Creek runs along the back of their property. The restaurant has a pavilion that can accomodate our guest list and the price was reasonable that not even my mom gasped. I really liked the place and that’s saying a lot considering that it’s the middle of winter and the property’s not nearly as green or lush as it will be in September.

We drove back to Sean’s parent’s house after seeing the last site and chatted for a bit about our options and the day. Then, mom and I piled back into the car and headed on home. I got her home by 8:15pm and stayed and chatted about the day for a bit with my dad. Then, I got home just shortly after 9pm. I had a bit of a late dinner and watched tv while bedding was stuck through the washer and dryer. I was finally allowed to crash seventeen hours after waking up, at 12:09am.

back from the living dead

I took a four day weekend this past weekend. It wasn’t really planned. My body just up and decided to mutiny on me and take a vacation. It started on Thursday and lasted through the weekend. Sunday night was the first night of real sleep that I got the whole weekend, so I took off Monday to recuperate from lack of sleep. Today, I’m back. I still have a slightly stuffy nose, but for the most part, I’m actually feeling alive again. I even stayed up last night to catch up on Cirque de Soleil’s Fire Within series. That’s a really good show. It’s kinda cool to see the people underneath the makeup in the shows. Okay, time to get back to work. I’ve got lots to catch up on.