to atlanta and back

Sean and I got back last night from Atlanta. We went over there for the Christmas holidays so that we could spend time with his family, especially since his grandmother was in town for Christmas this year. It was wonderful to see his family again. I really enjoy spending time with his parents and his sister. Seeing his grandmother again was really nice, too, if a little taxing. Gram is a sweet soul who’s been through a lot this year. She lost her husband of about 50 years this year and, to say the least, it was a very hard loss for her. Her whole family is helping her get through it, but it’s still very hard. We made the most of having her around this Christmas, though, and still had a really wonderful time. It’s nice to be back home now, though. Our cats missed us (as witnessed by their constant attention last night and demanding spots on the bed to sleep with us last night) and I have to admit that it’s a wonderful feeling coming home to our house. Last night, Misty and Stephen came over for a few hours while I baked cookies and chatted and were excellent cookie testers for me as I baked yet another flaming assload of cookies.

Tonight, I get to go to my quilting class. I’m starting literally from scratch. I’ll pick out a pattern and fabric tonight and just start working on the quilt. I’m a little anxious about the class tonight, seeing as I’ve never quilted before, but at the same time I’m also really excited. This is going to be a fun time and I finally get to pull my sewing skills back out and flex them a bit. It’s definitely been a little while since I’ve sewn anything.

Tomorrow, I’ll start baking the ham and turkey early so that everything will be done by the time we have guests over at our house. Friends are gathering at our home tomorrow for dinner before heading to another house for gaming and overall goofiness (as per our usual gatherings). I’m quite excited about getting to see a lot of my friends again that I don’t get to spend a lot of time with otherwise. In the meantime, I have a turkey that needs brining back at home, so I’m off to pick up a few ingredients before going for a bit and then heading to my quilting class. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/other various winter holiday!

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