something else to do

That’s it, I’ve done it. I’ve added something else to do in my already hectic life. Thankfully, I picked Christmas break to start, seeing as this way I can convince myself that I’ve got tons of time to work on my new hobby before next semester sneaks up behind me and gives me a boot to the head. On December 27, I’ve signed up to attend the UFO (UnFinished Objects) class at Lydia’s. Carol and Mary talked me into it by going, “Why, of course we have a machine to loan you and of course we’ll be able to help you pick out some fabrics for you to start a quilt on. No commitments whatsoever.” Riiiighhht. I’ve wanted to learn how to quilt for half of forever. Now, I’m actually going through with it. Chalk it up to temporary insanity. Carol’s husband has already volunteered to adopt Sean into the “Abandoned Husbands of Quilters” Society. I have a feeling that by the time I graduate this May, I’ll be completely addicted.

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  1. Ah, Mary and Carol have sucked you in! Excellent. Remember, fabric is crack and Mary is the dealer.

    Soon you will have a sewing room too…

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