finished, and yet still running

Last night at 4:30pm, I left my last exam for the semester. I had started with my Fourier Analysis exam, which was absolute horror, and then I finished with my Computer Organization final, which was also absolute horror. My brain was fried. I could barely think hard enough to drive home last night. It took two hours before Sean could actually get me to smile at something. My exams were not easy this semester, but I can say one thing for them. They’re over. I get my life back for a few more weeks before I head back to school for the last semester I’ll ever take as an undergraduate in college.

So, what does everyone think I’m doing today? Taking a day off to rest and recuperate? Neh, resting’s for weenies. I got up this morning, went through my normal morning ritual and then headed to work. Man, talk about hitting the ground running. I didn’t even get a chance to log onto my computer until 10am and I got to work a little before 8am. Ahhh… But now, I can sit in front of my computer for a few more minutes and let my mind just veg for a second. After that, though, I get to log out of school mode and into work mode. Documentation’s got to be finished, polished and out the door with a deliverable by the end the month. We’ve still got a lot of work to do before that’s finished. *whew* Time to keep chugging away.

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