quick sga rant

Okay, I’ve just got to get this out of my system, because it’s bugging me.

At last Monday’s meeting, Allen, our Speaker of the House, announces that we will not have a meeting on November 25th seeing as how it’s only a 2-day school week and it’s getting close to finals. In fact, last week was supposed to be our last SGA meeting before the end of the semester. We all have projects and finals to worry about now. I was all happy and stuff, because as much as I like SGA, I really need my Mondays right now to get stuff done. So, I start to plan my life around having that Monday this week to work with my group.

Later that Monday night, Allen sends out an email saying that because there are some pertinent things that the House needs to address (mainly some club funding), we have to meet on the 25th. Damn. Oh well, that shouldn’t take too long to deal with. It’ll be a short meeting and afterwards, I can get everything wrapped up that’s due on the 26th. Oh no. That would make my life way too easy.

Along comes the 21st. Leonard, our esteemed SGA President emails us and apologetically says that we need to have an Assembly meeting in order to address an issue that the Admin wants to know the student’s opinion on (for more detail, drop me an email or an IM, I’m not going to post that here). *sigh* So, we now have an Assembly meeting at 8:45pm with a House meeting following shortly afterwards. I can deal with this. I’ll meet with my senior design group at 7pm, finish working on our presentation until about 8:30, wander over to the UC for our meeting at then after the meeting, I’ll just stay up late and finish my CPE431 homework.

Then, at 9:53pm last night, I get an email from Chris, the Rules Committee chairman. I’m on the Rules Committee. The email’s a friendly reminder that since we’ve got House and Assembly meetings, we have a Rules Committee meeting to go to, too. That meeting is at 8pm.

So, I’ve gone from last Monday’s announcement of not having any meetings this week so that we can start preparing for finals and completely devote our attention, for a short while, to school. Now, I have meetings starting at 8pm and going until who on earth knows when. I’m not complaining about SGA. I have really enjoyed, so far, being a representative in the House. I’m complaining because I think that it’s ridiculous that we’ve gone from having no SGA meetings as of a week ago to now have all three of the meetings I would normally have. I just consider that to be ridiculous when the original reason we weren’t supposed to have them was to give us time to deal with finals and final projects.

Okay, I’m done with my rant now. I just really needed to get that out.

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6 thoughts on “quick sga rant

  1. Yeah, and Kat, I need to talk with you about the matter that you’re going to be discussing in Assembly. Never in my life have I been as pissed with the Administration as I am right now …

  2. It really sounds like the administration is doing everything they can to stall the radio committee until everyone loses interst and just forgets about it.

    I’m sure the administration doesn’t mind that extra money that’s coming in for a radio station which doesn’t exist. (through no fault of the radio committee)

  3. Yeah, you guys should have been around in the days when the income was coming in but wasn’t even thought to be set aside. No one knew where the money was. It was pretty sad.

    Oh … Kat, in the header div, if there is any margin or padding, kill it … it’s making the page just a little wide in standards-compliant browsers. That, and the sidebar’s foofy, too.

    It’s my fault, really … the WIDTH of a box in CSS doesn’t count margin or padding. If you need help, gimme a shout.

  4. Geof: done. Does that look any better now? Oh, and as soon as finals are over, there’s going to be a slight redesign anyway. I might be asking you and Amy a few questions. Portablekat’s going to get a serious overhaul, including getting quarto installed.

  5. Yes, Kat, it looks better.

    As far as getting Quarto going … if it fits your needs, then yeah. Don’t jump just to jump. I think even Amy would say that.

    Shoot, I think it’s time as one of the GM "maintainers" [laugh with me now] that I try to find someone to carry forth the banner of codework so I can bow out of it. It’s got to be someone that Noah trusts, and if he wants me to stick with it in an advisory role, well, I can do that. There’s still soom room for growth in GM yet.

  6. I’ve been wanting to get Quarto installed on pkat. When Amy asked what features people wanted, I gave her some of the ones I was looking for for the express purpose of being able to move to Quarto when it was finished. Up until now, I just haven’t had the time. Now that I’ve got the time, I’m going to move everything over.

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