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School’s almost over for the semester. I’ve got classes today and tomorrow. Then Monday and Tuesday of next week and Monday and Tuesday of the following week. That’s it. Wednesday, December 4, is study day for all of us and after that it’s final exam time. I can’t really decide if this semester has gone by quickly or not. The weeks themselves seemed to take forever to go by. As I look back, though, on the semester as a whole, it feels like it’s breezed by. I can only pray that my last semester will do the same.

My dry erase board has once again turned into my To Do List board. All of my assignments leading up to the last day of class are up there. I’ll mark them off as I finish them and by December 3, the goal is to have them all checked off. Then, my exam schedule will be written up there. My exams schedule is both good and bad. My 3 exams that I have to take are all scheduled on the last two days of exams. This is good in that it means I have almost a full week to study for them. It’s bad, though, because I don’t get to be completely done with the semester until the last exam time on the last day. Oh well, I’ll still have several weeks in which to rest over Christmas break and then I’ll get to start up my last semester. I’m almost done.

Work has been kept interesting these past few weeks. We’ve been moving along at our usual pace. Beth has been wrapping things up for her 3 months of maternity leave. Yesterday was her last day. She went into the hospital this morning. We don’t get Kate back from maternity leave until the week after next. It’ll be nice having Kate back, but with Beth being gone and Kate being back, that means I’ll be almost entirely shifted back to development. I like the development side of work, but I also really enjoy doing analysis work, too.

Wedding plans are moving slowly. I’ve had a lot of heartache recently over arguments with my parents (I’d say that they were discussions, but I’d be lying to myself). I honestly don’t know what Sean and I are going to do so far as the wedding is concerned right now. We have a few options that we’re going to talk over when he gets home and we’ll pick one. This choice is going to be his and mine to make. My parents will have no say in it, neither will his. I’ve stressed and cried over making everyone happy with this wedding enough.

Friday, I get to go see Angie Aparo at Crossroads. I’m really looking forward to the concert. Sean and I saw him two years ago and Big Spring Jam and I really liked hearing him live, so this is going to be great getting to see him live again. He tends to just enjoy talking to the audience. He likes to crack jokes and explain his songs, etc. I guess those are the concerts that I really enjoy the most. The ones where the artists can actually talk to the audience. It’s kinda cool. This weekend is going to be spent getting homework assignments and papers wrapped up. No one assignment is going to be too time consuming, I don’t think, but there are enough of them, that I’ll be kept busy getting stuff done. Nineteen more days and this semester will be over. Hallelujah.

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