train of thought

Not much has been going on these past few days that’s any different than my life as usual. My professors have come to the realization that next week is Thanksgiving and then the week after that is the last week of classes. In fact, when we come back, we don’t even get a full week of classes before exams start. So, time for cramming! This, thankfully, coincides with Sean having to be up in Asheville this week and most likely part of next week. I get the house to myself in the evenings to work on homework until I fall asleep.

I finally got to sit down last night and do a little bit of spinning on my spinning wheel. It’s going to take a lot to get used to it. There’s so much to adjust and tweak on it that I’m expecting my first bobbin of yarn to be near useless. Hopefully, though, I will soon be spinning out lots of yarn to play with and dye to my hearts content. Some, I will most likely twist together so that Amy can try knitting with it. The rest, though, I will save until I can purchase a loom and use it to weave. Perhaps by next Christmas, everyone will be getting various woven products from me.

I’ve gotten everything signed off for my graduation. Provided that I pass my classes this semester and next, I will be walking across the stage in May with a Computer Engineering degree and a minor in mathematics. *phew*

Speaking of graduation, I have to complete my senior design project next semester. I’m trying to think of something that my group can do, but I’m coming up blank on ideas. So, time to turn to my miniscule readership for help. What do you guys think I should do for my senior design project? The main requirement for the project is that it requires both work in the hardware and software side. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I’m going to go back to getting this term’s senior design group’s website and documentation finished.