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Literally, it was a very quick trip. We weren’t even there for 24 hours before we were on our way back home with an extra vehicle. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Friday afternoon I called Sean to tell him that I was coming home early that day. I had finished work early that week, so I got booted home for a weekend of working on a paper for my Computer Organization class. Sean tells me on the phone that he thinks he’s solved our issue of staying within budgetary restraints for our wedding. I get home and he explains to me that he’s found this restaurant in Atlanta that will let us use their restaurant for the reception without charge and then just charge us a reasonable amount for food and drinks. Great! The only thing, we really need to get over there to meet with him on Saturday so that we can finally settle that the wedding will be in Atlanta. Okay. We pack up our bags for an overnighter (we had to be back in Huntsville by Saturday evening to go to a party Allis was throwing in my honor) and hit the road.

We made it over to Atlanta in good time, thankfully. Slept. Woke up. Drove down to the restaurant, Agnes and Muriel’s, and met up with one of the co-owners. We discussed the reception, he fed us brunch. The food was outstanding. It’s kind of Southern food with a nice gourmet twist to it. The prices he gave us were perfectly reasonable. We had found our solution. Hallelujah. We leave, promising to be back in touch with him within the next week or two, and head back up to Sean’s parents’ house. Pack our bags, chill for a few minutes and head back home. This time, though, Sean finally convinced his parents and me to let him bring the Fiat home. So, Sean headed off in the Flea with me behind him, making sure nothing fell off on our way back to Huntsvegas.

We get back at about 6pm Saturday night. Sit on the couch for a few minutes and then head off to Allis’ party. It was a fun trip over. More details about the wedding as we start to actually reserve locations and dates.

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