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We never bought this house with the thought that it would become a project house. We haven’t had any major projects, but once we get one problem fixed, there’s always something else.

This time, it’s the heater. As most people, I’m sure, have noticed, the weather’s gotten cool enough that there are a few times a heater has been warranted. Our heater works. The only problem is, it doesn’t shut off. First, we thought it was the thermostat. Nope. Then, perhaps the heat pump outside. No, everything looks pretty okay with it. So, the other option we had was the unit upstairs in the attic. Sean and I decided to go investigate last night. At something like 9pm on a Sunday evening, finds Sean and me crawling around our small attic trying to determine if there’s an issue with our unit up there. Upon opening the panel, one immediately sees just lots of wires. The next thing I noticed, though, is melted plastic at the bottom of the panel box. Somehow or another, one of the connector caps has melted off and there are some bare wires, possible crossed wires up there. Lovely. I didn’t want to touch anything.

So, Sean’s supposed to be calling a repairman today to see if they can come out and look at it. This is something that I want fixed now before it gets any cooler outside and we need to start leaving the heater on more often. One more project to add to the list. As a side note, though. While we were crawling around up in the attic last night, I noticed one of the secondary ducts had come loose from the main duct. So, Sean and I can now say we’ve used duct tape for it’s original, primary purpose. 🙂

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  1. It took a repairman coming to the house this summer to figure out why out heat pump in the basement was leaking so much – there was an enormous block of ice that was overflowing the condensation pump.

    There’s always something with a house. Most of the stuff we deal with now is cosmetic. I swear, Andy is going to come home from work one day to find me grinning evilly in the living room (the room we never use) with a crowbar, cheerfully tearing down the obscene crown molding.

  2. Kat: welcome to my world. I’ve replaced a furnace, installed sinks, painted, had sewage displosal issues resolved, temporarily become part of my home’s electrical impedance and been in Home Depot at 12:30am collecting plumbing parts to fix a dog-related plumbing problem.

    These are all on the existing house and barn. Let’s not even consider the new house Suzan and I are planning to build (GeekFarm 2.0), which is currently under financial review by the accounting firm of Spouse and Spouse.

  3. You didn’t get the memo?

    EVERY house is a "project house!" I’m sure Amy and Jeff will agree with this.

    Welcome to home-ownership (evil grin).

  4. Did you ever see the Tom Hanks movie called THe Money Pit? It’s a must see. The parents are almost finished with the front porch. They had it completely removed and rebuilt from the foundation up. Kat, You’ll have to tell me how it looks. The Old People are being rather vague in their discriptions.

  5. Could be worse, you could be fixing everything that’s wrong and remodeling the house you’re RENTING. Atleast, this is your house, I’m doing work just because I can’t stand to see things done the wrong way. That and the owner has no taste!

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