cluster drool

We got our new cluster today! Granted, I have to wait until next week before we can start playing with it, but I’m just happy that we have it in. Since my team just got our very own closed area, we also got to get our very own cluster. So, I present to you, the RLX Blade 800i cluster. This thing is just too sweet. We bought the case which is a tower that fits 8 chassis and then each chassis fits 24 Blades. This thing is just too sweet. We’re starting out with one chassis, but as we get more money, we’ll continue to upgrade. We’ll also be upgrading with the newer 1200i Blades, since they weren’t out when we bought this one. This is going to be so sweet having at work.

Note: Sean, just so you know, they do have a Blade with the Transmeta Crusoe chip in it. It’s just not the one that we’re getting. The one with that chip is the 667 Blade.

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