cluster drool

We got our new cluster today! Granted, I have to wait until next week before we can start playing with it, but I’m just happy that we have it in. Since my team just got our very own closed area, we also got to get our very own cluster. So, I present to you, the RLX Blade 800i cluster. This thing is just too sweet. We bought the case which is a tower that fits 8 chassis and then each chassis fits 24 Blades. This thing is just too sweet. We’re starting out with one chassis, but as we get more money, we’ll continue to upgrade. We’ll also be upgrading with the newer 1200i Blades, since they weren’t out when we bought this one. This is going to be so sweet having at work.

Note: Sean, just so you know, they do have a Blade with the Transmeta Crusoe chip in it. It’s just not the one that we’re getting. The one with that chip is the 667 Blade.

fall decorating

To make myself useful in class today, I changed the color scheme on my website. It’s a simple way for me to celebrate the arrival of autumn. The house will start to be decorated, too, and soon enough, it’ll be time to decorate for winter.

Tonight, Sean, Jeremy and I assembled over at Amy’s for a riotous game of Seafarers of Catan. Yes, my wonderful sweetie bought me the expansion pack for our anniversary. So, the new expansion got broken out and tried tonight. It was quite amusing. There’s a bit more flexibility in the layout than there was with just Settlers. Soon, we will have all playing the evil game. *evil cackle* In the meantime, I’m going to go get my beautyrest. One more day and the week’s over. woohoo!

i give up

That’s it. I give up. I admit that I’ve been stretched too thin this term. I tried to hack 14 credit hours and 30 hours of work per week and it just isn’t going to work. I had to leave work today just to come home and take a nap. My brain was useless and I was nearly falling asleep in my classes today.

I had already contemplated dropping my Optoelectronics course considering it was way different than how the class is described in the course catalog. I am taking the class currently to finish off my CPE elective requirements, but I have an out for that now. I hate doing this. I have never had to drop a class like this before. I even stuck through Kulick’s class last term. This term, though, I just look at myself and see how stretched thin I’ve become. I’ve already talked to Dr. Gaede about my options. I will go back to her tomorrow and put the process in motion to withdraw from the class. That will drop me back to 11 hours for the rest of the course, which means I’m part time, but that won’t punish me unless I only take 11 hours next term, too. So, that’s not a problem. I’m already starting to feel like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders while at the same time feeling so guilty for doing this. I mean, I should be able to hack this. I’m sure other people can hack a schedule like mine. At the same time, I feel both like I’m no less of a person for doing this, but also guilty like I’m chickening out. I don’t know. I’m going to do it and I guess I’m just going to have to learn how to deal. Now, to go hang a bike rack and read Fourier Analysis and then sleep.

raining cats and dogs

When I woke up this morning, it was raining. It was extremely pleasant to listen to, especially since our bedroom windows were open due to the cooler weather. So, when I got to work, I was curious as to see if we’d be dealing with a lot of rain this time or if this would be just a 24 hour thing. This is what I found. I think this is definitely something that’ll be here for a while.

bonding time

This weekend was both fun and utterly exhausting. I survived yet another weekend of “mother-daughter bonding.” In general, I think the principal is great. In practice, though, I think it’s a complete sham especially since there has been no interest in doing any serious bonding with me until I started planning my wedding. Now, without really knowing me, we’re supposed to be best friends… Anyway, I’m going to move aside from that rant. This weekend, mom and I went to Atlanta to go look at fabric up at this particularly fabulous cloth store in Gastonia, NC. It’s called Mary Jo’s. It’s been open for 51 years and has got to be the largest fabric store I’ve ever been in. It’s the size of a JoAnn’s Crafts, but with just fabrics. It’s absolutely amazing. Anyway, after spending 2 and a half hours walking around there with Sean’s mom and one of her friends, we bought our fabrics and left. I found two very nice fabrics to make some pillows out of for the bedroom. This gives me some colors to work with for the master bedroom finally and I think I’m really happy with them. Afterwards, we got lunch, shopped at the outlets in Commerce, GA for several hours (I got a great new pair of feather light running shoes), we headed back to Atlanta.

Yesterday was the fun part. I went and tried on wedding dresses. It was the first time I’d gotten the chance to really go shopping for dresses. I’ve looked online, but nothing compares to seeing what the styles look like on you. My consensus after trying on a few dresses? My favorite is still the Celtic dress that I’ve found (no links, sorry, but Sean’s not allowed to see. If you’re interested, drop me an email), but that a strapless I found yesterday comes in a close second and there are still a few more I want to try on. We went to a warehouse bridal store called New Natalie’s in Atlanta. They only let you try on 5 dresses on a give day. More than that and you’re brain’s going to go into overload. I agreed by the 5th dress. I couldn’t hardly remember what the first one had looked like. I’m going to go back sometime next month and try some more on. I’m hoping also to bring a small brigade of friends with me to get their opinion, so if you’re interested in doing some dress shopping, drop me a line. Okay, time to get back to work. Must get dresses out of my head.