monday morning

It’s 7:18am my time. I’ve been here for about 20 minutes or so now. I left the house before Sean even woke up this morning. I was prepared to seriously dislike having to be up this early in the morning so that I could get my work hours completed this term on top of school. Instead, this morning when I woke up (actually woke up, which is sometime after I took my shower) I was filled with a kind of peacefulness. Our house was quiet except for the two rambunctious cats running around. Sean was still asleep and I only turned the TV on long enough to watch Headline News while eating my cereal.

When I pulled out of the garage this morning, I wasn’t met with traffic. Instead, I was met with a few other early risers like myself, so my drive to work was cut down by a few more minutes (it’s only like a 5 minute commute for me now). I got to work and the hall lights were still off. You could see the motion detectors glowing in the ceiling lights above me. I walked into my office and turned on the soothing halogen lights around my office space and sat down at my computer. It’s quiet in here. Someone else has gotten to the office now because the lights are on in the hall now. I don’t care. It’s still quiet. I can go into the closed area for a while this morning and listen to music while moving more data over to the raid in there. My week has begun with no stress, no worries, just a quiet peacefulness. I could actually get used to this.

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