El Destructo

Sean-1, offensive useless shelf in the kitchen-0 Yet another weekend of projects completed. The little shelving piece next to the pantry (of which I have no pictures, sorry) has been removed from the kitchen. It has since been replaces with a nice set of freestanding chrome shelves, now Kat has room to unpack the rest of the kitchen items. We also got the bathroom painted, and I must say it looks excellent (make note to buy digital cam soon). I think those where the two biggest things done, after the Stir concert on friday (which was excellent by the way), I was feeling a bit more lethargic in my housing duties.

In other news I should be getting back the civic today. Geof, if you kill your car again I think you need to take it to a place that will not keep it for 30+ days…… We will see what the work looks like on mine, and thne I will give out his name and a reccomendation. Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

Dragon*Con in t-minus (what is t-minus anyway, one of you rocket scientists out there can tell me) 4 days now….

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3 thoughts on “El Destructo

  1. "T-minus" refers to mission time. "T-minus 4 hours" means that there are 4 hours until the mission starts.

    That’s how I always thought of it.

  2. The problem with my shop was the damn after market parts suppliers. If I’d done as you did and gotten parts on my own, I’d have had it back faster, but I had to use AMP’s to get in under the budget.

  3. T±DD:HH:MM:SS is the appropriate usage. You use minus when time is negative [before start] and plus when it’s positive [after start]. Start time is, technically, T+00:00:00:00.

    That is your useless fact of the day.

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