more home improvements

“You can call me Mr. Bob Vila.”

“So, what does that make me, Martha Stewart?”

Sean and I worked on the house some more last night. Me stripping the rest of the wallpaper off the bathroom walls and Sean installing the last ceiling fan in the house. We now have ceiling fans in all of the major rooms in the house. The last one to go in was the master bedroom last night. One objective down, only a thousand more on the to-do list for the home. Tonight, my objective is to wash the walls in the bathroom to get the rest of the wallpaper paste off so that we can primer the walls again (they really need new primer) and then paint them. That will take care of putting the guest bathroom in sorts for our guests, especially since Sean’s parents and his sister are supposed to be coming for a visit September 7. More wedding site hunting. In the meantime, that only leaves us this weekend to do painting seeing as we’ll be gone most of next week for D*con. Must… keep… moving…

Oh, and classes start today.

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2 thoughts on “more home improvements

  1. I’m not really looking forward to the house stuff I want to do. The main thing is painting the kitchen. Woo. I can tell you that after the basement renovation I am NEVER finishing dry wall again. The tape and plaster can just bite my booty.

  2. And I finally got a taste of electrical current. I managed to zap myself a little when installing the remote control for the fan (yep, no pulling on chains for us!!!) I think I will have to put together the second set of shelves for the garage tonight, and get more stuff off the ground. I guess we should buy some paint at some point right dear?

    Oh, and the Mr. Bob Vila was a real quote with a bigh emphasis on Mr.

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