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This term (as in the case of most terms that I take a class requiring programming skillz), I put off all of my programs until the last possible moment. My last one I tried to finish early since I knew that Sean and I would be moving and didn’t want to have to deal with it, but that just didn’t happen. Instead, here I am sitting in the CS computer lab, printing out the final version of my last program for CS524. *whew* I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out these damn programs and today it finally clicked while I was working on them whilst burning CDs at work. Just for the record, I hate PROLOG. The language sucks. Period. In the mean time, I’m going to go munch on my rabbit food I brought with me and wait until class time.

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2 thoughts on “nick of time

  1. No.


    Prolog isn’t that bad. You just have to twist your brain around it.

    Dr. Lowther told us in class that you can write entire compilers in a half a page to a page of prolog code. I asked Dr. Carr, our CS department’s compilers guy, "Why don’t you guys write your compilers in Prolog then?" He replied "Because we want them to run in faster than exponential time." I told that to Lowther and he shrugged and said "Well, you can’t have everything."

    (Here’s how you can tell whether or not you’re a hardcore Comp. Sci. geek. If the line "Because we want them to run in faster than exponential time." had you *rolling* with laughter, then yes, otherwise, no.)

  2. *tries to resist the urge to giggle at the phrase* No!!!! I can’t be a CS geek, I’m a CPE geek. There’s a difference!

    As for Prolog. Even wrapping my mind around it, it was an annoying language to deal with. Having to state everything as truth statements was annoying to say the least. I will now quite happily go back to my C code.

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