burn, burn, burn

burn a ring of fire… Okay, sorry, I just have that song stuck in my head now. Yesterday afternoon, my machine got a small upgrade at work. I now have a slightly faster processor, half a gig of memory and a nice 12/4/32x Plextor CD_RW drive (SCSI) in my machine. Of course, they didn’t just give this to me for me to have for some random reason. No… Kate and Jeff have data that needs to be burned onto approximately 40 CDs (We’re not sure the total count until I finish burning the CDs). So, I get to sit here and burn CDs while working on other various stuff for work. burn, baby, burn!

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2 thoughts on “burn, burn, burn

  1. Both. It’s been alternating between that and any random Dave Matthews song for the past several days. It’s really weird.

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