vote: what’s cooler?

Next spring I’ve got to take a filler class so that I have full-time student status in order to get my scholarship from UAH. There’s several Health and Phys Ed classes that I wouldn’t mind taking that spring term as a fun class to round out my hours. The problem is, I can’t choose from all of the options. So, you the reader get to vote and give me your suggestions on the classes I’m debating between. Choose from the following list which class you think would be coolest:

Cardio Kickbox – 0
Aikido – 2 (-1 for Sean)
Swing Dance – 1
Rock Climbing – 3
Rappelling – 1
Billiards – 3

Update: Here’s the tally so far. Keep sending in your votes because I’m interested in hearing what other people think about the various classes. SCUBA’s been taken off the list because of the good point about lab fees from hell.

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14 thoughts on “vote: what’s cooler?

  1. Aikido … definitely aikido. Scuba will have the lab fee from hell, and cardio kickboxing is just aerobics that will only put you into shape to run from your attacker (pray they never catch you).

    It would be fun to see you flip Sean all over the house using your wacky Japanese skillz. 🙂

  2. let me put my vote in for NOT akido.

    Actually rock climbing and rappelling is good, as well as billiards, then we can go be pool sharks as a team.

    Rock climbing in the spring is cool, well until you hit may when it is nice and sticky out. I agree on the SCUBA thing, lab fees from hell.

  3. Well, even though swing dance is fun, rock climbing sounds pretty good. Jessica and Greg are taking it this summer and they’ve really enjoyed the classes they actually go to.

  4. I contemplated racquetball and decided that obtaining welts the size of golfballs wasn’t worth the reward of learning to bounce a ball around a contained cube.

  5. Well, I was going to suggest dancing classes, but you may get more welts from swinging than from racquetball. I have not personally taken any dance classes, but I do teach merengue and salsa classes.

  6. With a tight schedule (time, not class schedule), I would suggest the Billiards course. That will not require you to work up a sweat. I was reminded daily once my soccer class got going that even though the class lets out at 9, it was very, very, very stupid to sign up for a class at 10.

  7. Geof: yeah, right. That insult at the one who’s broken a couple fingers from catching soccer balls as keep? Keep dreaming.

  8. Come play. I’ve never gotten big welts while playing racquetball. The only damage I’d have had was losing an eye if I hadn’t had my goggles on at the time.

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