nick of time

This term (as in the case of most terms that I take a class requiring programming skillz), I put off all of my programs until the last possible moment. My last one I tried to finish early since I knew that Sean and I would be moving and didn’t want to have to deal with it, but that just didn’t happen. Instead, here I am sitting in the CS computer lab, printing out the final version of my last program for CS524. *whew* I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out these damn programs and today it finally clicked while I was working on them whilst burning CDs at work. Just for the record, I hate PROLOG. The language sucks. Period. In the mean time, I’m going to go munch on my rabbit food I brought with me and wait until class time.

burn, burn, burn

burn a ring of fire… Okay, sorry, I just have that song stuck in my head now. Yesterday afternoon, my machine got a small upgrade at work. I now have a slightly faster processor, half a gig of memory and a nice 12/4/32x Plextor CD_RW drive (SCSI) in my machine. Of course, they didn’t just give this to me for me to have for some random reason. No… Kate and Jeff have data that needs to be burned onto approximately 40 CDs (We’re not sure the total count until I finish burning the CDs). So, I get to sit here and burn CDs while working on other various stuff for work. burn, baby, burn!

The Civic- 0WN3d

Yeppers, we did get pictures. You can see some of the not so pretty things that a chevy blazer can do to a civic. Hey Geof, want to race some rental cars?

And of course, what happened to the other car- (sorry for the sideways look, computer being silly this morning)

kinda offline

If you hadn’t already noticed, Sean and I’ll be spending at least the next few days offline seeing as we have no internet access at the house yet. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that when the cable guy comes out Friday to hook up our cable, we might not be able to get internet access yet, seeing as how there’s only one-way cable coming into our neighborhood. We’re going to wait and see how things work out and then move from there. In the meantime, if you want to talk to either of us during non-work hours, give us calls on our cell phones.

vote: what’s cooler?

Next spring I’ve got to take a filler class so that I have full-time student status in order to get my scholarship from UAH. There’s several Health and Phys Ed classes that I wouldn’t mind taking that spring term as a fun class to round out my hours. The problem is, I can’t choose from all of the options. So, you the reader get to vote and give me your suggestions on the classes I’m debating between. Choose from the following list which class you think would be coolest:

Cardio Kickbox – 0
Aikido – 2 (-1 for Sean)
Swing Dance – 1
Rock Climbing – 3
Rappelling – 1
Billiards – 3

Update: Here’s the tally so far. Keep sending in your votes because I’m interested in hearing what other people think about the various classes. SCUBA’s been taken off the list because of the good point about lab fees from hell.