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Okay, it’s official. Sean and I’ve put an offer in to buy a house. Sean had gotten pre-approved for a loan a little over a month ago, but we hadn’t really seen a house that we liked that fit within our price range. Well, we found one Tuesday. The house is just off Old Madison Pike about a quarter mile down from Slaughter Rd. The location makes it extremely convenient for Sean and I both to get to work as well as for me to get to school. We went in today to sign the papers for our offer and while we were at it, we went by the house with Geof’s digital camera to take some pictures of the house. So, here’s the guided tour.

Here is a shot of the front of the house. It’s a 3 bedroom/2 bath patio home (in other words, the patio consists of almost the entire backyard). We have a one car garage. No, this will not become Sean’s project car parking space. We already discussed that. To get to the front door, you walk down a little pathway and then the front door sits inside an entry area. Sean and I’ve already planned to tear out the evil holly bushes that are along the pathway to the front door and put in a small garden. It’ll be a little friendlier than the scary bushes are right now. We have a little patio at the back of the house with a sliding glass door to access it from the inside.

Once you come into the house, the first room you enter is the living room. The living area all has very tall ceilings with ceiling fans in the living room and in front of our atrium. The kitchen is nice and open so that we can cook and still talk to our guests when we have people over. Behind the living room at the rear of the house, we have a wonderful sunroom where we will likely keep the dining table. The sunroom also has window seats where I’ll make some cushions so that I can sit here and read or work on my laptop in a sunny area. I’m sure Kudzu and Weaver will also greatly enjoy having a place to sun themselves during the day. The front of the house holds the master bedroom with not one large closet, but two large closets for both Sean and me to keep stuff. They’re not as big as our current walk-in closets, but there’s plenty of storage elsewhere in the house, so no worries about that. There is also a bathroom downstairs for the master bedroom.

The upstairs contains the other two bedrooms as well as the second full bath. The front bedroom will most likely hold my bedroom stuff as well as my smaller desk for a quieter place for me to study and as a guest room. There is also the back bedroom where Sean and I will have our computer room finally. Both of the upstairs rooms have decent closet space to store stuff in. The upstairs also has its own bathroom with tub and all. We even get attic access, with room enough to store things, in one of the bedrooms.

One of the amusing parts that’s going to prove interesting for our cats is that as you walk up the stairs, there is a level area about half way up. It would easily fit someone lying down. It would also be a great perch place for cats to sit and observe. So, when you come into the house and think you’re being watched. You most likely are.

The house is still not definite. We’ve made the offer and the seller has verbally agreed that he’s willing to accept the offer. But, nothing is official until the seller has written that he agrees to the offer and the bank closes on the loan. The projected closing is by the end of next month, mainly because if we wait until the end of next month, we’ll save ourselves money. We’ll know if the seller agreed to the terms, though, hopefully by late this afternoon or Monday. In the meantime, we just sit, wait and hope.

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21 thoughts on “the guided tour

  1. Well on the flyer it say 1100 sq ft, but personally I think it feels better, if it is true, then it is only 200 sq ft larger than our current place. Either way, it seems alot larger.

  2. We both liked looking at the photos! Keep us informed of the progress.

  3. Hot pink upstairs bathroom? Pink seems to be following you! What color is the carpet?

  4. Sean’s mom currently vacationing in Hawaii (sigh). Amy M. is working at an art gallery, I am helping around my parents house!

  5. yeah, no joke. I wouldn’t mind being forced into vacationing in Hawaii.

    Mom and Gram: The carpet is all beige, so it will match pretty much whatever we do. The pink bathroom’s the first to go. We’ll likely do something similar to what we did with my bathroom in this apt. The next wallpaper will likely be the blue floral in the kitchen.

    Geof: It might not be a 10-butt kitchen, but it definitely is more than the 2-butt kitchen we currently have.

  6. It’s definitely more than the 1 butt kitchen WE currently have. It’ll be nice to have the 10 butt kitchen, especially since it’s a REAL 10 butt kitchen, not a 10 barbie butt kitchen.

  7. I would imagine that a "barbie butt" is the butt size of a Barbie doll in doll size, not in real size. See, if Barbie were real size, it wouldn’t be the butt that constrained things …

    You should see the hilarity that ensues if Todd, Blake, and I all try to be in our current kitchen at once.

  8. Barbie butts are the butts of little skinny people like Sarah! Not normal butts like mine.

  9. Hey now, when I tried to tell Sarah that she had a small butt, the both of you started laughing at me. So which is it? :p

  10. I would never tell the world that she had a big butt. I reserve that for conversations between the two of us. :p But, comparatively speaking she has the smallest but in all the clubtodder domain.

  11. ok, from houses to discussing Sarah’s butt, what have we come to? *shakes head*

  12. ok, from houses to discussing Sarah’s butt, what have we come to? *shakes head*

  13. Todd: There are baboons with smaller butts! And you so had this conversation outside the two of you once … and it creeped me out then.

    Sean: we’re just trying to infect pkat with the same in[s]anities that integrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra has.

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