the guided tour

Okay, it’s official. Sean and I’ve put an offer in to buy a house. Sean had gotten pre-approved for a loan a little over a month ago, but we hadn’t really seen a house that we liked that fit within our price range. Well, we found one Tuesday. The house is just off Old Madison Pike about a quarter mile down from Slaughter Rd. The location makes it extremely convenient for Sean and I both to get to work as well as for me to get to school. We went in today to sign the papers for our offer and while we were at it, we went by the house with Geof’s digital camera to take some pictures of the house. So, here’s the guided tour.
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From the Weather Channel:

“Current Outdoor Humidity for:
Huntsville 100% “

Shouldn’t we be swimming currently? The South never ceases to amaze me.

new shoes

I finally went out and bought the new shoes I’d been contemplating for a while now. I had already decided that I really wanted a pair of Birkenstocks, but I wanted something that I could get away with wearing to the office as well as when just hanging out on the weekends. So, I went to Valley Birkenstock (the local Birkenstock store) last night and checked out what they had since I wasn’t impressed with the selection at the various department stores. Wow. This store has all sorts of styles of Birks as well as different colors than you would normally find here in the States. Apparently, they order several of their selections straight from Germany so that they get a wider selection in. When I left that night, I was happily wearing my new pair of shoes. I really love them. The style and color is terrific and they look good with most of the clothes I own which is a definite bonus. These shoes are going to be seeing a lot of wear.

interesting information

Yesterday, while standing beside the printer, waiting for it to finish printing some stuff I needed, I noticed a Red Herring magazine. I really enjoy reading the magazine because it tends to have a slightly different tilt on some of the same articles you see everywhere else. As I was flipping through the magazine, though, one article really caught my eye. When Larry Left LINUX. This article was particularly interesting because I think I understand more about what was going on in the months before I was let go from OSDN/VA now than I did when I worked there. Granted, that’s not terribly surprising, since of course no company wants their employees to know that the company is going down the tubes and quickly. Still, for me, this article gave me more insight into something that at least I find interesting. It’s a good read.