things to do

This weekend’s going to be kind of packed. I’ve got quite a few things to get done, but thankfully some of them can be put off if absolutely necessary. So, let’s see what’s on my schedule for the weekend and this afternoon.

– sign up for yoga classes (will start next week)
– run by farmer’s market for fruit to make fruit tray for party tomorrow
– start Pascal program (pseudocode’s finished)
– work on problems for CS524
– vaccum out car
– rollerblade 7 miles (up from the 4 miles that’s getting to be too easy)
– renew membership at fitness center

– rollerblade 7 miles or go hiking with Sean
– take car to Geof’s youth group car wash
– wax car
– continue working on Pascal program (hopefully finish it)
– start watching Buffy tapes (fill in the gaps of what I’ve missed from season 2)
– hunt down a catnip plant and find container to plant in (our porch has become a container gardener’s dream)
– go to Colby’s girlfriend’s party

– rollerblade 7 miles or go biking for equivalent
– finish problems for CS524
– help Allis with Microelectronic Circuits homework (I still can’t believe I understand that stuff)
– RELAX! (well, okay, so the rollerblading is actually pretty relaxing for me, but hey, I can do vegging relaxing, too)

I think that that’s all that’s on my plate so far. Nothing too complicated. I’ll still be keeping myself busy, though. I’m definitely looking forward to those yoga classes next week. That’ll be great to start up.

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6 thoughts on “things to do

  1. The "other" single women? Are you implying that I’m a single woman? I may be a taco, but I’m no single woman! 🙂

  2. *laughing* Sorry! You’re not a single woman. Wrong phrasing. 🙂 It’s too bad you weren’t able to go last night because Sean and I had a good time talking with the other people. I’ll have to make sure you can come next time.

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