lazy evenings

I now know another reason why I appreciate owning a laptop. Sean is up at ClubTodder for the evening so that I can get some programming done. Instead of sitting cooped up inside the condo, I decided to see how long my network cable would reach outside. Sure enough, it’s the perfect length so that I can sit outside on the papison chair and enjoy a quiet early summer evening outside while programming. This is why laptops exist.

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2 thoughts on “lazy evenings

  1. You’re going to admit that you scooted Sean off to play GT3 with me so you could get homework done? :p

  2. Yeah, yeah… Hey, it worked, too. I got almost all of my program written (what’s written compiles and runs, too) and I got half of my homework done for that class. On top of that, they were having a Farscape chain reaction on scifi last night, so I got to watch farscape all last night. 🙂

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