growl, spit, hiss

Those are all noises that Sean and I are extremely familiar with since Chad came over for a short stay last night. Rick got into town kind of late last night and didn’t want to have to deal with Chad being underfoot while moving today, so he recruited our help in taking care of the little darling. Last night was interesting. While Sean and I were still awake, Chad just kind of growled and hissed at Kudzu and Weaver. Kudzu hasn’t really deigned him with a response (it would be beneath her to do so), but she did spend a couple hours underneath a stool. Weaver hissed a bit, but then went into hiding in Sean’s room.

Then, sometime around 4:30 this morning (I only know because I checked the alarm to decide how pissed I should be at being up that early) Chad decided to come into Sean’s bedroom where Kudzu and Weaver had camped out to stake their claim on their two humans. Immediate hissing and growling. Sean swept out of bed, grabbed Chad and relegated him to the other bedroom. Blissfully, that fixed the problem until my alarm went off at 6:15. Nothing like being woken up after only having under 4 hours of solid sleep.

Oh, also the past few mornings, we’ve had a bird that lands on Sean’s porch before sunrise and immediately proceeds to start ramming into the sliding door. We think it’s because of the red curtain, but we’re not entirely certain. So, Sean rigged up a white sheet on the inside of the curtain and blissfully, that fixed the problem. Otherwise, after Chad this morning, I would have condoned the use of a bb gun to shut that bird up.

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