lazy evenings

I now know another reason why I appreciate owning a laptop. Sean is up at ClubTodder for the evening so that I can get some programming done. Instead of sitting cooped up inside the condo, I decided to see how long my network cable would reach outside. Sure enough, it’s the perfect length so that I can sit outside on the papison chair and enjoy a quiet early summer evening outside while programming. This is why laptops exist.

things to do

This weekend’s going to be kind of packed. I’ve got quite a few things to get done, but thankfully some of them can be put off if absolutely necessary. So, let’s see what’s on my schedule for the weekend and this afternoon.

– sign up for yoga classes (will start next week)
– run by farmer’s market for fruit to make fruit tray for party tomorrow
– start Pascal program (pseudocode’s finished)
– work on problems for CS524
– vaccum out car
– rollerblade 7 miles (up from the 4 miles that’s getting to be too easy)
– renew membership at fitness center

– rollerblade 7 miles or go hiking with Sean
– take car to Geof’s youth group car wash
– wax car
– continue working on Pascal program (hopefully finish it)
– start watching Buffy tapes (fill in the gaps of what I’ve missed from season 2)
– hunt down a catnip plant and find container to plant in (our porch has become a container gardener’s dream)
– go to Colby’s girlfriend’s party

– rollerblade 7 miles or go biking for equivalent
– finish problems for CS524
– help Allis with Microelectronic Circuits homework (I still can’t believe I understand that stuff)
– RELAX! (well, okay, so the rollerblading is actually pretty relaxing for me, but hey, I can do vegging relaxing, too)

I think that that’s all that’s on my plate so far. Nothing too complicated. I’ll still be keeping myself busy, though. I’m definitely looking forward to those yoga classes next week. That’ll be great to start up.

growl, spit, hiss

Those are all noises that Sean and I are extremely familiar with since Chad came over for a short stay last night. Rick got into town kind of late last night and didn’t want to have to deal with Chad being underfoot while moving today, so he recruited our help in taking care of the little darling. Last night was interesting. While Sean and I were still awake, Chad just kind of growled and hissed at Kudzu and Weaver. Kudzu hasn’t really deigned him with a response (it would be beneath her to do so), but she did spend a couple hours underneath a stool. Weaver hissed a bit, but then went into hiding in Sean’s room.

Then, sometime around 4:30 this morning (I only know because I checked the alarm to decide how pissed I should be at being up that early) Chad decided to come into Sean’s bedroom where Kudzu and Weaver had camped out to stake their claim on their two humans. Immediate hissing and growling. Sean swept out of bed, grabbed Chad and relegated him to the other bedroom. Blissfully, that fixed the problem until my alarm went off at 6:15. Nothing like being woken up after only having under 4 hours of solid sleep.

Oh, also the past few mornings, we’ve had a bird that lands on Sean’s porch before sunrise and immediately proceeds to start ramming into the sliding door. We think it’s because of the red curtain, but we’re not entirely certain. So, Sean rigged up a white sheet on the inside of the curtain and blissfully, that fixed the problem. Otherwise, after Chad this morning, I would have condoned the use of a bb gun to shut that bird up.

it’s all about theory

This summer one of the classes I’m taking as a 6-week course is Intro to Music Theory. It’s an easy class for me, or at least relatively so. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve studied music (piano, cello, percussion, etc) for as long as I can remember. I’ve also taken several music theory courses as part of spending summers studying music. One of the things that never ceases to amaze me, though, is the fact that so much of what I’m having to sit back and think about is just second nature to me playing on the cello. We’re covering major and minor scales right now and although normally I could have gone through all of the major and minor scales at least three times by the time I finished my homework tonight, I really had to think about what I was doing. It’s amazing how my fingers just naturally travel across the fingerboard when I play music. My music theory class has really made me appreciate so much of what is second nature to me now. It’s nice every once in a while to take a class like that that makes me appreciate what I take for granted so often.

Now, it’s time for me to crash for the day. I’ve still got another two days before the weekend’s here. That, and I have a dental appointment tomorrow to go to. Blech.